Parallel Universes

While the New York Agricultural Secretary, Patrick Hooker, was enjoying a warm and fuzzy moment bonding with the Cuban dictatorship, the Damas de Blanco were also enjoying some bonding time with the same.



Sometimes it does feel like we are living in parallel universes. Perhaps Mr. Hooker and the rest of those Americans so hungry to exploit the Cuban market should spend a little time in the universe the Damas de Blanco live in.
I think it would do wonders for their perspectives to have a gang of government thugs attack them and drag them away.

6 thoughts on “Parallel Universes”

  1. Yes, I had noted this visit in a post last night. Thanks for posting this with the contrasting photos. Speaks volumes.
    How appropriate that someone named Hooker is trying to drum up business in a hotel (from the sign in the background it appears to be the Nacional).
    I’m all for business, but this?

  2. Folks,
    For these people “lo unico que importa es el cash” and the “Golden Rule” they live by is TO DO unto others what they don’t want others to do to THEM. Period!

  3. Does the fat creep on the right look like a Mafia type, or what? Well, like they say, same shit, different day.

  4. Can’t believe these politcians are so oblivious to the facts! People see China’s Human Rights issues, but you can’t see the ones 90 miles away??

  5. BTW, Hooker should’ve taken all the meat to the people that are starving in Cuba. And if people read this article they should take note that we ACTUALLY do send food supplies to Cuba. The question is where does the $600 million of food actually go to??

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