Dinner is served: Ajiaco

Here’s a small portion. What can I say? We ate late in the Gomez household.
Old friend Paxety has an excellent piece on Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers and his connection to, you guessed it, fidel castro.

fidel’s sister, Juanita, has given Hillary Clinton’s campaign $10,600 according to the Huffington Post
You’ll remember that Juanita was “disturbed” by the spontaneous celebrations in Miami when it was announced that fidel was stepping down “temporarily” almost two years ago.

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  1. I’m not surprised that Juanita Castro gives a large amount of money to a woman running for office. Ever wonder why she never married? In spite of a youthful romance with the married Batista army Colonel Fermin Cowley, after the 26 of July Movement murdered him, she never had another male lover.

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