Obama’s Campaign Blogger is a Fan of Karl Marx and Noam Chomsky

Well, well, well, it didn’t take long for Obama’s true colors to be revealed. We first got a hint of Obama’s idealogy when Maria Isabel Norman hung a che guevara flag in an Obama precint headquarters in Houston some months ago and Obama remained silent except to call the flag, “Inappropriate.”
But Little Green Footballs is reporting that Sam Graham-Felsen, Obama’s official blogger, is a Marxist. Sam Graham-Felsen is an unabashed follower of Noam Chomsky and had this to say in the Harvard Crimson:

“For me, hearing Chomsky speak for the first time was a life-changing experience. His ability to take preconceptions and destroy them—to completely remodel one’s understanding of reality with cold, hard facts—blew me away. When I left what was then the ARCO Forum last fall, I felt as though I had been through the Matrix and back. Chomsky really has this effect because he bombards you with evidence and logic, not empty rhetoric. It is nearly impossible to hear him or read him—once you’ve actually checked his facts yourself (he even cites page numbers in public addresses)—and deny what he’s saying.”

Sam Graham-Felsen also hung a Communist party flag in his room after his trip to Russia.
Sam also wrote for the “Socialist Viewpoint,” which includes in its “Who We Are” section:

The Socialist Workers Organization was formed to advance the revolutionary Marxist political program in the United States. Our members are long time active participants in the socialist and labor movements. We agree with Karl Marx that society is divided into social classes whose interests are irreconcilable.

Does this mean Obama is a Marxist? Not necessarily, but it does mean he either has no idea who is on his staff or he just doesn’t care. Clearly he can’t micromanage everyone who helps him, but you’d think a kid who hangs a communist flag and a woman who hangs a guevara flag and have been publicized would be drawn to his attention.
There is more Marxist madness HERE.

7 thoughts on “Obama’s Campaign Blogger is a Fan of Karl Marx and Noam Chomsky”

  1. A leftist lunatic fringe party they have.
    Let’s see who they have supporting obama:
    1. the che lovers
    2. the Marxist Chomsky lovers
    3. the blame America first crowd
    4. the rev. wright God Damn America crowd
    4. Hamas
    5. Chavez and Fifo
    6. Kerry and Kennedy
    7. Jimmy Carter (though not officially)
    8. George Soros
    9. the moveon.org crowd
    10. the weather underground dude
    yep, folks we’d all love to have at a dinner party …

  2. The more Obama’s layers are exposed … the more we see his true core . . . liberal left-socialist ideology!
    Cigar Mike, we can also add Michael Moore and Code Pink among his supporters … I’m sure the list is extensive …
    There’s a great piece by Thomas Sowell on Obama … “A Living Lie” worth a read.
    I wish you well 🙂 Melek
    “You can pick your boogers and you can pick your friends, but you can’t wipe your friends off on your saddle.” ~ Kinky Friedman’s take on Obama’s associations problem

  3. Clearly, reading (and admiring!) lots of Chomsky and Marx’s ideas makes one a Marxist. Guess you guys can never come to my apartment then.
    It tires me to constantly defend Obama, especially since I’m not a Democrat and remain uncommitted, but it pains me that the creators of this site resort to the most shallow arguments and innunedos to convince their readers that Obama’s bad for business (with the exception of a post last week, inspired by the debate, addressing Obama’s frankly bizarre views on free trade and capital gains taxation). All the shambling talk about “elite media” on this site makes me wonder if its creators really envy the smarmy talking heads on CNN and Fox News when they use the talking heads’ tactics.
    Leftism doesn’t lead one to socialism, any more than conservatism leads to libertarianism. The New Deal has socialist underpinnings (fascist too, as Jean Edward Smith’s latest FDR biography showed), but it’s not socialist per se. Can’t you guys understand the differences in degrees?
    Finally, if Obama was the nominee and elected, we would have the most liberal president in our history, no question. But there’s too many checks and balances — too many compromises a president makes — for him to execute your worst fears. Besides, as H.L. Mencken once wrote, the American public has long been inoculated against nonsense like socialism. Obama is too, judging from his diction, taste in literature, and spending habits. He’s a capitalist, and a member of the elite, a proud one, as am I. Hail, consumptuous spending!

  4. Duke, like I’ve said previously, Obama is not a communist or a marxist but he has their support and has a lot of them as friends.
    He is a socialist who believes that government is the only solution to the ills of society.
    there are checks and balances but with a democratic controlled congress he will be the new Jimmy Carter.
    His stances on trade, taxes, his healthcare plan, would be a disaster.
    Chomsky is a ego maniac putz; he has no credibility given his pro castro stance.
    the new deal aspects that still exist today pale in comparison to what obama proposes.
    and if obama can’t handle some tough questions from ABC news (which were absolutely fair just as the question by Roger Mudd to Teddy on why he wanted to prez back in 1980), his disingenuous answers show that his veneer is starting to crack.
    I’m happy for Obama making money as I’m sure he is. But what I’m against is this holier than thou paternalism which gives this dude and the left the idea that they know what’s better for people.

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