Minnesota has Pawlenty to be proud of

Perhaps some of you remember Mike Huckabee’s flip flop on the embargo back in December. When he was governor of Arkansas he signed a letter to President bush on behalf Arkansas farmers asking for an end to trade embargo on Cuba. But presidential candidate Huckabee was for the embargo, claiming that he had changed his opinion based on the fact that as governor he had to look out for the best interests of his constituents. The media didn’t really take him to task on this but I did here at Babalu.
Well Minnesota’s governor, Tim Pawlenty, was faced with a similar situation. The Minnesota legislature passed a resolution urging “Congress and President Bush to end trade, financial and travel restrictions with Cuba.” But Pawlenty vetoed the resolution saying:

Forwarding this resolution to the federal government would have Minnesota promoting a position that is contradictory to the long-standing policy of the United States…
The Cuban government is totalitarian…
Significant progress needs to be made before the United States should consider establishing full diplomatic and commercial relations with Cuba.

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