10 thoughts on “Must be that global warming”

  1. Come on, Henry, aren’t you a statistician? This is one day, but global warming is a trend! You are the master of statistics and breaking down data…

  2. Well if Al Gore can blame hurricane Katrina on global warming and win a nobel prize for it then I should be able to do the converse, no?
    Even when we have data that shows that the earth has cooled over the last year, the global warming religionists claim it’s just an anomaly. So anything that suits their argument is “evidence” and anything that doesn’t is an anomaly.
    Cue Church Lady: How convenient!

  3. Oh, and no I’m not a statistician. I have to work with surveys a lot so I know a little about statistics. Just enough to get me into trouble.

  4. The problem with that Dave is that the instruments that measure global temperatures accurately have only been in place for a couple of decades and the proponents of the incredibly flexible theory of man-made global warming are saying that global temperatures today are higher than in the 4.5 billion year history of the earth.
    Even if that were true there’s no definitive evidence (despite what Al Gore and many non-Scientists say) that it’s human activity that’s causing the warming and not natural processes that cooled and warmed the earth for billions of years before man stood erect for the first time (forget driving a gas guzzler).
    The global warming folks are trying to stifle debate rather than foster it. That’s not science. That’s an act of faith. Religion if you will. All the time we see reports of legitimate scientists are starting to question the underlying science in the IPCC reports and are facing excommunication. They are labeled “deniers” as if we were talking about the holocaust.

  5. I could add a bit more to this discussion, but Henry has it covered well. I will add that we just don’t have enough reliable measurements of past global temperatures, and in the end we have to remember that the dire predictions of warming and ocean levels rising are derived from MODELS that are prone to being not just a little off, but sometimes off by a lot!

  6. the reality is that there is a trend of global warming but not concrete evidence that it’s human caused rather than cyclical.

  7. Henry, I live in Madison….you just had to remind me about this lovely return visit late February/early March is paying us, didn’t you? 🙁 (When we get stuff like this at this time of year, my mind starts paraphrasing Al Pacino in Godfather III: “Just when we thought we were out, it pulls us back IN!” lol)

  8. 34º Fahrenheit predicted for Indiana Monday night. I can’t wait for the end of the semester so that I can visit Florida.

  9. Another thing I read in a WSJ article is that many new weather stations in poorer countries don’t paint their buildings white as they’re supposed to, and the few that do don’t do much to keep them from fading and getting darker. This gives us many recent readings (last 30 yrs or so) that are artificially high that crank up the average.

    What does that have to do with anything? White reflects heat, while darker colors absorb it and thus any thermometers or other temp-measuring instruments in the immediate vicinity of non-white buildings give readings skewed high.

    Then of course, you have my usual chestnuts — the 70’s (when the same pollution problems were causing “global cooling”) and the Viking era, when temps were warm enough to cause the southern third or so of Greenland to be green enough to get its name. And somehow the icecaps didn’t melt and raise the oceans 200 feet.

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