The Evil Empire strikes again

As this AP story reports, the “Evil Empire,” the United States of America, has sunk to new lows. It is not evil enough to the Evil Empire to impose an embargo on Cuba’s regime for such a silly and insignificant thing like the theft of $200+ billion dollars of private property. It is not evil enough to the Evil Empire to refuse recognition of an illegitimate monarchical and totalitarian dictatorship. It is not evil enough to the Evil Empire to give refuge to the escaped slaves that are the property of the Cuban regime.
Forever searching for new ways to be evil, the Evil Empire has managed to do what many would have deemed impossible; they have committed one of the most, if not the most insidious evil act of all time:

[cue John Williams’ Imperial March theme]

Cuba’s statement Thursday in state news media also alleges that U.S. officials have increased aid to Cuban dissidents, such as giving them radios, literature, T-shirts and access to computers.

Radios, literature, T-shirts, and access to computers? What impudence! Do these American imperialists have no decency? Do they have no idea what damage an evil imperialist T-shirt can do?
Pure evil, I tell you… pure evil.

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