Selective outrage

There is a great Op-Ed today in, of all places, the San Francisco Chronicle. The author, Joel Brinkley, rightfully laments how the UN’s Human Rights Council, the even more despicable replacement for the UN Human Rights Commission, has sent its rapporteurs (I love that word–it sounds so official and so UNish, yet it means nothing more than a person who reports) throughout the world to investigate people and groups who are abusing their free speech rights by violating “moral standards.” In other words, if you speak bad about one of the Human Rights Council members, such as the Cuban dictatorship, you are abusing your right to free speech. However, you can say all you want about Israel and the US because, well, that is just fine with them.
This selective outrage is nothing new to Cubans who have been waiting for nearly half a decade for the world to recognize the pure evil that is the monarchical regime in Cuba.
You can read the Op-Ed HERE.

1 thought on “Selective outrage”

  1. It’s not really not that surprising. Brinkley was anti-Contra reporter at the Times; he later wrote
    a novel; The Circus Master’s mission, where the CIA provokes a shootdown of a US helicopter, to
    cause an invasion of Nicaragua. He moved on to the exciting areas of HD TV; but you can’t get
    the orientation out of the reporter.

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