The Half Empty Glass

It’s a question of perspective. There are some that say we are too ready to bash the media. And it is true they make a convenient target. However when you see how they continually skew the news, it is difficult to sit silently by and say nothing, particularly when that is how most of the American public gets its information.
Both Reuters and AP covered the Sunday announcement by the Cuban regime concerning salaries, etc. The difference in perspective is notable. The gist of the Reuters’ story is that the regime, pleading diminished resources, will not come through with the widely anticipated raises in State salaries. There will be an increase in pensions and the like, as well as in the salaries of judges and prosecutors. The rest of the populace will have to wait.
What’s interesting is that it is the AP story that was picked up by the media, one which highlighted the regime’s magnaminity in increasing pensions, “aid to needy families,” and court employees- with more raises to come. John Q. Public reads the headline and the first few paragraphs and says to himself, “See what a nice dictatorship. That Raul guy is really changing things,” even as Oscar Biscet languishes in his jail cell. Of course, if John Q. missed the coverage of that White House award ceremony, he has absolutely no idea who Biscet might be, because political prisoners do not fit into the Cuban narrative as the media reports it.
The Reuters’ story here. Two versions of the AP here and here.