Today Frontpage Magazine again defies the MSM version of Cuban events:
Frontpage Magazine: As you mentioned earlier, Phil Peters is an advisor to the Congressional “Cuba Working Group.” Can you tell us more about this Congressional caucus?
Fontova: In brief, they devote all of their energies to trying to end the so-called Cuban Embargo. This has been the regime’s priority for decades but with much more urgency after the Soviet Union ‘s collapse. The Cuba Working Group obviously doesn’t have to register as a foreign lobbying group which is what makes them so attractive as partners to Cuba ‘s Stalinist rulers.
Charles Rangel is among the most active in this group, which is interesting considering his traditional activism FOR embargoes. “Every dollar we spend with (this regime) makes us accomplices in their crimes!” he thundered in 1986. “No true friend of democracy can also be a friend of (this regime!) In any business dealings with (this regime) we become tainted by association!”
Rangel was referring, of course, to South Africa ‘s segregationist regime. Somehow none of these moral admonitions apply when dealing with a Stalinist regime that imprisoned political prisoners at roughly ten times the rate as Botha’s, used Sarin gas against Angolan villagers, and came closest to nuking the U.S.
Kinda long, but read the rest here.

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