The Carpetbaggers Blues

It seems that after all the time, energy, and money spent by the Canadian government and businesses to squeeze as much profit as possible from deals with the castro plantation and its 11-million strong slave labor force, they are now at risk of being left for newer and more exciting carpetbaggers.

MONTREAL — If Communist Cuba is open for business – as its seems like never before to be under new president Raul Castro – then Canadian companies should be the first through the door, right?
After all, Pierre Trudeau became the first leader of a NATO country to visit the communist island in 1976. Jean Chrétien paid a follow-up visit to Fidel Castro a decade ago, just after passing legislation to protect Toronto-based Cuba booster Sherritt International Corp. from any nasty spillover in this country from the anti-Cuba U.S. Helms-Burton Act.
With that history of Cuban-Canadian complicity, Raul Castro’s stepped-up efforts to court foreign investment to develop the island’s oil, power and tourism sectors should mean dividends for Los Canadienses.
Not quite. Not only are Canadian businesses not first in line as Cuba opens up, not many outside Sherritt appear to be in line at all.

What a travesty of justice inflicted on these poor Canadienses. They were the first carpetbaggers who had the heart to help the monarchical dictatorship when it was down to its last breath after the collapse of the USSR, and now, they are being pushed aside for newer, more exciting carpetbaggers.
Whatever happened to carpetbagger ethics?
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  1. Pierre Trudeau is also remembered for being a cuckold. His wife Margaret, with whom he started an affair when she was 18-years-old, and he was 48, went on to become an international jet-setter and had scandalous public affairs with Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, a U.S. Senator, and just about any famous male who crossed her path. Margaret was once found half naked and in a drug stupor in the hall of a New York City hotel pounding on the room door of Mick Jagger. She later went on to publish her scandalous memoirs. Trudeau took her to Cuba to meet Fidel Castro, and the 27-year-old Margaret was publicly all hugs and kisses with him. Cubans who saw that greeting on their TV and knew of Margaret’s reputation and the comandante’s prowess, believed that her affection towards him went beyond that.

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