WaPo Editorial: No Space for Dissent

Surprising editorial from the Washington Post today. It falls short of supporting the U.S. embargo on Cuba but comes pretty close:

European apologists for the Castro dictatorship, led by the Spanish government, are clamoring for the European Union to restore normal diplomatic ties with Havana; Democrats such as Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.) have renewed their calls for a lifting of the U.S. trade embargo, even as they campaign against free trade with democratic Colombia.
Unsurprisingly, such Cuba buffs haven’t had much to say about another signal Mr. Castro sent last week after the Women in White approached his office in Havana’s Revolution Square…
The women were not able to talk to Mr. Castro. Instead he dispatched police and scores of party thugs to the park to rough them up and hustle them into a bus…
Cuban officials recently hinted that the current ban on foreign travel by average citizens might be changed; let it be removed. Then Mr. Castro can discover just how many of Cuba’s 11 million people are willing to go on enduring a regime whose idea of reform is permitting the sale of microwave ovens.

We’ve been posting some oddities in the MSM’s coverage of Cuba recently. You know, things like the truth finally coming out. But this is arguably the most important newspaper in the country taking castro, inc. to task for its abuses.

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