6 thoughts on “Warning!”

  1. Yep, it will be a fire hazard to all the golden dollar$$$ you are getting for your research projects into ….. global warming. If you stray off the reservation, watch them dry up.
    And CSU is just doing an abominable PR dance to justify the inevitable dismissal looming for Gray (“…has told Gray it may end its support of his seasonal forecasting”). Yeah, right. Way to go, CSU, in your promotion of independent thought.

  2. Sorry about that repeat. The main trouble is that attempting to reach conclusions based on data projection into the future is always a risky matter, and the further into the future data is projected the greater the uncertaintly
    It is my understanding that the unpredictability of volcanic eruptions is not considered since there is no way of predicting it. In addition, it seems that the periodic increases and decreases of solar output, commonly known as sunspots, is given too little weight…. Another matter that gives me pause is the measurements of global CO2 taken in Hawaii on top of a volcano, although measurements taken elsewhere indicate that the levels of this gas are increasing strongly and now are circa 400 parts per million.
    In addition the capability of the earth’s oceans to buffer changes seems to be underestimated.
    Thus, the main trouble is trying to predict a widely changing variable is fraught with difficulties and uncertainties.

  3. CSU is just doing an abominable PR dance to justify the inevitable dismissal looming for Gray

    Nah, Dr. Gray is retired. That’s what emeritus means. They’re just hoping that he’s tired and won’t be able to muster a fight. He should be able to continue this on his own, assuming one of his former students doesn’t pick up the ball and run with it on their own.

    And they may well do so. I’ve met him, and several of his students, and I can say with certainty that he’s a hard-ass and won’t go away without a fight.

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