Speculative speculation

After an eleven year absence and a 2002 date postponed without explanation, the great and wise munificent prince raul has announced that the Cuban Communist Party Congress will be held sometime in 2009. On the surface, this means nothing to the Cuban people; it is just a get together for the elite that has oppressed the nation of Cuba for 49 years. But as I read the article announcing this latest edict from the boy-prince, something popped out at me that made me curious:

In separate elections, the congress also chooses the first and second secretaries of the Communist Party, posts that since 1965 have consistently gone to Fidel and Raul Castro.
Thus, the next Congress will decide — unless he resigns first — what role if any Fidel Castro will hold in the party going forward. He quit the State Council in February when he declined to be reelected for health reasons.

You cannot have a dominant, murderous, and repressive regime without clear leadership. It is obvious that the prince has felt a sudden need to hold this party congress after nary a word about it for almost six years. Does the crown prince believe his brother, the self-crowned king, will still be around to be “re-elected.” Or, could it be that the un-dead dictator has finally gone to that great slave plantation in hell?
Just speculation on my part, but it is nice to imagine a certain dictator, with a penchant for beards and murdering innocent people burning in hell right now.

8 thoughts on “Speculative speculation”

  1. Alberto,
    Interesting article, but it was Reuters that made the retirement reference and not raul so unless they know something we can only keep hoping. What I found most interesting is the veiled threat against dissidents. “The commutations, Raul said, “does not mean we’re taking capital punishment out of the penal code … We can’t disarm ourselves before an empire (the United States) that doesn’t stop harassing and attacking us.”

  2. Pototo:
    I am not so much concerned with what Reuters is saying as much as their reporter piqued my interest.
    Why the sudden desire to hold a party congress after they had all but forgotten about it? I don’t think Reuters knows anything more than what they reported, but personally, I find the sudden interest in holding a congress to clearly define the leadership of the communist party interesting. Everyone knows the direction, but prince raul suddenly feels the need to define the leadership.
    Just one of those things that make you say… hmmmm.

  3. Alberto,
    Yeah the congress thing is indeed interesting. I think it may well be the end of fidel’s influence. I also think raul is trying to regroup as things may be unravelling. Lets hope.

  4. He certainly is a geezer, Asombra, but he will also always be known as the “lite” version of his brother. Not lite in terms of murderous tendencies, but definitely lite in all other areas. Beleive me, my use of that term is strictly in a sarcastic context.

  5. In my humble opinion, fidel castro has suffered a serious decline of his “cognitive functions” and doesn’t even remember who he is or were he is. raulita’s decision to hold the “Cuban Communist Party Congress” next year has more to do with who will succeed him and keep the country going -should anything happen to him- than anything else.
    I’m certain that raul will be elected the first secretary of the Communist Party and the “heir to the Cuban throne” will be elected second secretary.

  6. The article also mentioned about commuting sentences for suspected terrorists saying that the revolution is humane. If they’re humane, they should let the political prisoners free?

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