Puffing up Joedilocks

Yesterday Bloomberg.com published a puff piece about Joe Garcia and the fictional generational shift among Cuban-American voters. Beyond the recycled garbage we’ve seen countless times in the Herald and other publications, this excerpt caught my attention:

Garcia says he doesn’t advocate completely abandoning the embargo because too many people still support it. Instead he emphasizes domestic concerns and wants to lift restrictions Bush imposed in 2004 on travel to Cuba and sending money there.

God forbid that Joe have his own convictions on the issue, it’s far easier, I suppose, to put one’s finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing. It’s so transparent that Joe’s position on the travel restrictions is based solely on opinion polls. But as I’ve expressed here many times, it’s one thing to answer a query from an anonymous questioner on the phone and another to pull the proverbial lever at the election polls. Voters weigh the entire package when they are selecting a candidate. And Joe is trying to deliver a message that is so nuanced (for the embargo but against the Bush 2004 restrictions) that it’s unlikely to net him any votes. In fact I’m willing to bet he’ll lose votes because of it.
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  1. Hace dos años el actor de CSI Gary Dourdan estuvo de visita en Cuba durante una semana, donde declaró que “esta isla es un sueño, que aquí todos los seres humanos son considerados iguales y que llevaría un poco de tierra cubana para ligarla para siempre con la de su país”. Bueno, pues ahora este idiota va a realizar otro viajecito, pero éste a la cárcel. Lean esto:
    Departing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Gary Dourdan has been arrested in Palm Springs, California on suspicion of possessing heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy and prescription drugs. Local police reportedly found the actor asleep in his incorrectly parked car early on Monday morning and arrested him after a routine search of his vehicle. A “disoriented” Dourdan was taken into custody in Palm Springs, where he posted bail, according to Tmz.com.

  2. Isn’t the embargo question already moot,since Ashcroft fast tracked the shipping of food to the Castro regime, to satisfy his farmer friends, the
    travel ban is gone, so I guess only the question of Diplomatic Relations is next. I know, even Maria Elvira, won’t get the answers out of him, but that’s the real issue.

  3. It’s not moot. Cuba can only buy agricultural products and only for cash. And the U.S. can’t buy Cuban goods. The travel restrictions are still in effect and the regime is denied hundred of millions of dollars in tourist cash from the U.S.
    I’m not as concerned about diplomatic relations. That’s a largely symbolic measure. I am concerned with financially benefiting the moribund regime’s coffers and I am concerned with American taxpayers getting stuck with subsidizing that regime when it inevitably defaults on credit purchases. I am concerned with American corporations getting into joint partnerships, with the regime, that exploit Cuban workers. I am also concerned about the message that an end to the embargo would send to other countries that would expropriate American assets.

  4. I’m always amazed by the so called generational change in party/political affiliations.
    I wonder how come I have never come accross with any of its proponents –called it Lopez, 1 Herald Plaza or whomever out there buys into the theory–. Then, I would have had the choice to introduce myself as proud Cuban-American, recently immigrant arrived 7 years ago; and registered Republican.
    In my very uninformed and unexperienced opinion, the GOP might have has its faults (as everything created by a human being) but, despite what I may not agree with the party line in this moment, I personally would never ever in my entired life register as Democrat.
    Give me a shattered and old fashioned conservative line party and I’ll do my best effort to make it better. But going to the other side, said here in the US or anywhere else in the world?
    Over my dead body.
    Ni muerta!
    You will excuse me, but I have had more than enough left in my life. Really don’t need a single ounce more.

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