Joe Garcia, a no trick pony

A couple of weeks ago Joe Garcia’s campaign put out a video which contained a bunch of clips of the Mario and Lincoln Diaz-Balart repeating the words “Cuba” and “castro” on the floor of the U.S. House of representatives. The video was set to the tune of “One Trick Pony” by Paul Simon (which I’m sure Garcia didn’t get a license to use) implying that the Diaz-Balarts only know how to talk about Cuba.
First of all I’m happy that we have congresspersons that go to Washington and remind their colleagues in congress about the reality of the castro dictatorship. It’s important work that needs to be done.
But it strikes me as odd that the former executive director and current member of the board of directors of the Cuban American National Foundation would attack his opponent for keeping the issue of Cuba at the forefront.
Many of the clips in Garcia’s montage are from September 9, 2003 when both Diaz-Balarts were arguing against an amendment to ease the embargo against Cuba, the same embargo that Joe Garcia CLAIMS HE SUPPORTS. Let’s remember the amendment in question came just MONTHS after fidel castro had 75 dissidents, independent journalists and independent librarians rounded up and thrown in prison in what is now known as the Black Spring. What would Joe Garcia have the Diaz-Balarts do, not stand up and speak out for those Cubans have no voice?
Something else strikes me as odd. Why the inclusion of Lincoln Diaz-Balart in the video? Is Joedilocks running against both of the Diaz-Balarts?
It’s obvious that our representatives do more than think and talk about Cuba. In this congress alone Mario Diaz-Balart has cast 1,389 votes. In 2007 National Journal gave Mario Diaz-Balart a conservative rating of 60.5. That means that he was more conservative than 60% of his house colleages and more liberal than 39% of his house colleagues. In other words, Mario Diaz-Balart is not the one-dimensional vote down party lines type of guy that Joedilocks wants to portray him as.
With all this mind I thought I’d share with you some other videos of Mario Diaz-Balart. These are videos that Joe Garcia and company don’t want you to see because they reveal the inconvenient truth (to borrow a phrase) that Mario Diaz-Balart is not a one trick pony.
Speaking in favor of a free trade agreement with Colombia.

Speaking in favor of a free trade agreement with Peru
Speaking against tax increases.
More on taxes.
Speaking out against taxpayer money going to aid countries that do business with Iran.
Participating in a “Reach out and Read”, a program in which volunteers read and provide books to children from low income households at doctor’s waiting rooms. I am proud to say that I was a volunteer for this program some years ago.
Speaking about bridge and tunnel safety.
Standing up for Democracy, not just in Cuba, but also in Belarus.
If Mario Diaz-Balart is a one trick pony, then Joe Garcia is no trick pony. He’s just weak.

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  1. Joe Garcia KNOWS he will not win the election. The Democrats have used him as a sacrificial lamb so that Mario Diaz-Balart spends his time and resources against Garcia instead of assisting brother Lincoln against Raul “Masa Boba” Martinez. Joe Garcia is a classic “mingo” (the cue ball that takes all the hits).

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