6 thoughts on “CUBA: Art Deco Havana”

  1. Ziva,
    Thanks for bringing that wonderful video to our attention. The footage and music was superb! More proof that Cuba was not a third-world, backwards cesspool of a country before Castro.
    Pre-Castro Cuba’s cultural output [music, literature, art, publications, architecture] was that of a prosperous, growing, evolving country.
    I’m always amazed by the collective con-job that the Castro regime has been able to perpetuate when all that anyone had to do was look at stock-footage of Old Cuba, or visit the country and see the old buildings, or inventory the cultural output to understand that Cuba was no backwards, 3rd world country.

  2. Thank you Ziva. You brought tears to my eyes seeing this video. Can you imagine what Cuba would have been like today without 50 years of castro inc?

  3. Orgullosa –
    Probably something like South Florida today, as built by the people who would have otherwise built up Cuba. -S-

  4. What a magnificent video! Absolutely brilliant compilation
    of the Havana I first saw as a teenager in 1955. Thank you
    for posting this masterpiece. Fifty years later, on an humanitarian mission in 2005, I was reduced to tears. CAMBIO!!

  5. There will be a restoration. …sooner rather than later. Imagine the intellectual and financial capital that will flow back from Cuban Americans to Cuba after the fall.

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