Where’s the coverage?

Yoani Sanchez was recently announced as a winner of the Ortega y Gasset award in the category of digital journalism. The prize is Spain’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. The reason we even know about Yoani’s existence is because some MSM types, including the Wall Street Journal, wrote articles about her. Time Magazine, just this week, named her one of the world’s 100 most influential people. But Yoani can’t get permission to leave Cuba to accept the prize.
Much has been made of the speculation that the infamous “white card” or exit visa would be abolished by “raul the reformer” but to date it’s been just that, speculation.
So where’s the international press now? Why aren’t they writing about the fact that Yoani doesn’t enjoy a basic human right, the right to leave and return to one’s country freely?

3 thoughts on “Where’s the coverage?”

  1. Henry, call me crazy, but I think if she can’t go, the media will be all over it, just like they eventually hopped on the bandwagon when her site was blocked. Just my two cents.

  2. According to journalist Oscar Haza, the last flight out of Havana that will get her to Spain in time leaves Wednesday. If she’s going to be able to go that decision would have to made pretty damned quick. And it will be a non-story after Wednesday.

  3. The way I see it, the MSM is too busy triping over itself as it runs to report “Raul the Reformer’s” latest “reform” to report that these “reforms” either don’t work [i.e. buying computers that no one can afford and without Internet connections] or aren’t implemented, “no more exit visas.”
    As we all know, all that Castro, Inc. has to do is say, “no more exit visas” and its a done deal. In a totalitarian country run by one man [and now his brother] for 50 years in a totally capricious way, laws were/are created and removed depending on what side of the bed coma-andante [and now his brother] slept on. There is no need for lengthy legislative debate as takes place in democratic countries.

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