Just saw a news clip about Miami Dade College’s graduation today. The commencement address was given by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The reporter asked a bunch of the graduates who Pelosi was, AFTER before the graduation, and most of them had no clue. Video here.
Way to prepare those students Miami-Dade. Pelosi is only the person who would be president if something happened to president and vice president.
Hopefully those kids don’t vote.

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  1. The Cato Institute says that “DC public schools are spending about $24,600 per pupil this school year – roughly $10,000 more than the average for area private schools…”
    So that’s about $14,000 per year for other area schools.
    What is Miami-Dade spending of YOUR money to not educate those kids?
    Where I live you can send your kid to the best private schools for $7,000-$8,000 per year.
    What a waste of money.

  2. Henry,
    Hate to say this, but I would bet that a considerable majority of people in the COUNTRY, regardless of age or ethnicity, don’t have a clue who Pelosi is. I remember Sean Hannity in a segment on his weekend show about a year or so ago going out into the streets of New York and asking people if they knew who Nancy Pelosi was. I think only 1 or 2 people shown on camera did. In this case, MDC students are simply a reflection of the majority of Americans.

  3. Robert – I remember once I asked a girl (of about 20) if she knew who the Vice President was. She asked, “What’s the Vice President?”
    Another graduate of the public school system.

  4. In defense of the students, maybe they know who becomes president if both the Prez and Vice are unavailable and they just have no clue who the speaker of the house is.

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