Last week I posted a list of things that global warming caused. In response to that, reader Heather M. sent me this article about “Ecophobia” which I found very amusing. I hope you will take a break from your cinco de mayo celebrations to enjoy a chuckle.
Here’s an exerpt. You can read the rest HERE.

There’s no hope for me now. I am in the final stages of a disease for which there is no cure. Or even a support group.
I am an ecophobe: I imagine environmentalists creating catastrophes all the time all over the world. I see great floods, famine, disease and death and behind each is the same thing: A grinning environmentalist reveling in the mayhem as if it were magic. Before you commit me, hear me out. Then I’ll go quietly.

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  1. Amazing article by that Californian writer!
    Now it’s so easy to connect the dots!

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