Happy Cinco De Mayo Infidels

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You have to love America. Where else do we use other nation’s national holidays as an excuse to drink?
Surely, most folks here could not care less about the independence day in Mexico, but it’s a great excuse to drink Corona Beer and Chips and Salsa.
Same with St. Patrick’s Day. Another excuse to drink.
Same with Oktoberfest. A Bavarian holiday used here as an excuse to try out new beer.
Can’t say the same with the French and Bastille Day. Partying with wine and cheese may be the thing in Mid Town Manhattan and Central Park West, but it’s not going to get folks out to their taverns in the Bronx or Queens. But Cinco de Mayo will.
Why Mexico? Well, everyone likes spicy food and beer; why else. But why quit there. I suggest some additional holidays:
Celebrate Canada Day by Drinking Moosehead Beer, ay.
On Australia Day (1/26) we can drink Fosters Beer and eat Shrimp, mate.
On Feb. 6 we can celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday by smoking a spliff or by drinking Red Stripe (although I think that beer taste like swill — sorry folks)
and on January 8 (which should be a national holiday) — Elvis’ Birthday, we can celebrate by drinking Bud, eating Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches, while listening to Elvis songs.
Can you think of any other drinking holidays we should adopt?
On a serious note, the day Cuba is really free, we can add that date as Cuban Liberation Day and celebrate it like no other holiday.
See you out in the field infidels.
UPDATE: Guess what infidels, May 5 is a holiday in Holland as today is also the celebration of the 1945 capitulation of German forces in World War II. So we can drink for the Dutch today too. Instead of Corona, raise your Heineken and let’s celebrate the liberation of Holland from the Nazis. A more significant day in history I think, no?

25 thoughts on “Happy Cinco De Mayo Infidels”

  1. Back at ya.
    Sombreros, mariachis, confetti, pinatas & lots of laughter to all my friends and neighbors. Isn’t ours a great country?

  2. Ahem.
    CInco de mayo is NOT Mexican independence day.
    Today we celebrate the Mexican victory over the French at the battle of Puebla.
    Mexican independence day is in September!

  3. shows you what I know about Mexican history and yet here we are celebrating a military win against the French by the Mexicans as an excuse to drink beer.
    As to Aussie Beer, I don’t know where to get XXXX beer but we’re simply talking drinking here, or at least an excuse to drink.
    Heck, even the Japanese beer is bottled here. And damn, we missed May 3 or Constitution Day in Japan. Could have had some Sapporo and Uni to celebrate ….

  4. I don’t drink to Mexican anything. I don’t think I need to remind you that In 50 years neither Mexican’s in the US, nor Mexicans in Mexico have lifted a finger to support Cuban Americans in our struggle. In fact I have family who were called gusano by fascist in Mexico.

  5. Fuck Mexico, when has Mexico or Mexicans done anything for Cubans. Oh the great Mexico, please.

  6. I doubt anyone drinking today is drinking to anything Mexican. I reckon most folks believe this is a holiday created by the beer companies to sell more beer.
    They’re probably right …..

  7. Cinco de Mayo is a total marketing ploy by the beer companies to make you buy BEER! In Mexico, it’s just another day. Even in Puebla (were the actual fighting took place) there’s limited celebrations. All the battle did was delay the eventual takeover of Maximilian I of Mexico.
    In regards to Mexicans not doing anything with the Cuban cause, I think it’s all Latin American countries that are the same. The problem is that people are not informed of what’s really going on in Cuba. I’m an American with Guatemalan parents, and I didn’t know much about Cuba until I started reading Cuban-American blogs. Now I have great sympathy for Cubans, and one day I hope there will be a free Cuba. I’ll definetely be there to smoke some cigars, and enjoy some mojitos!

  8. Here’s one, Mike: November 28th, Albanian Independence Day. Raki (grape or plum brandy-makes Tequila look like mother’s milk) and Qebaps for everyone! 😀

  9. We’ll be diving head first into some fajitas here at the office in Downtown LA. Smells REEEAL good as I “speak” right now.

    Speaking of Mexico, this year’s May Day immigration protest on Thursday march was a real yawner. 2 years ago it was half a million people. Last year — the “May Day Melee” — was about 100,000 people. This year it was not even 10,000. (Next year, cancelled due to lack of interest?)

    They marched past our window up Figueroa Street. Apparently they decided it would be a lot better for PR if the American flags they carried outnumbered the Mexican flags, which looked to me to be about 10 to 1. Word apparently also got out that it would be a good thing if none of the American flags were burning.

    BUT, there were still a few carrying Che Guevara flags. If ever there was a flag worthy of a Zippo…

  10. Wednesday (May 7) is the day the Germans signed the surrender. I think it was Admiral Karl Donitz who signed, since everybody higher up was already dead.

  11. Ventanita, Pisco Sours. I haven’t had one of those in years; love ’em.
    But I don’t see the bar crowd getting into those. Beer or shots is what bring them in ….

  12. November 30 – St. Andrews Day. Official holiday of Scotland. And what would one drink on Scotland’s national holiday?

  13. I like Laphroaig. But fine scotch is not for shots.
    We could shoot Jack or Old Crow though. What beer do they drink in Scotland? I like Bass Pale Ale and Sam Smith Beers…they’re close to Scotland.

  14. Whatever your holiday, whatever your excuse, we can celebrate together as Americans. There are almost 200 countries in the world and each has several holidays. Every day has some reason.
    If you need a few ideas check your almanac. My favorite is Dec 7 Pearl Harbor day. A perfect excuse to get bombed.

  15. Zhangliqun, if they gave out 50 cent coronas and dollar tacos, they’d have gotten a bigger crowd. Heck for that, even the non Hispanics would show up for the food and beer.

  16. I add My dissatisfaction with anything Mexican.
    The day they stop being such Hijos de Puta and quit sending back and jailing Cubans then I will maybe consider eating a taco, manwhile Fuck you Mexico !

  17. ooohh -WHATever.
    Here in Dallas we’ve got a continuous loop of soundbites and video telling the story of Mexican victory over the French, yada yada yada ….. it’s now over a week of that, so they MUST be celebrating something — with beer, pinatas, music, food, food, and more food.
    Years from now, nobody’ll care — why, it may even become a non-historic legal holiday and just another excuse to boogie and take the day off.

  18. My earlier post said “Maximilian I of Mexico”. I meant to say “of France”. I heard there was a Cuban festival in L.A. on sunday. Even Oscar D’Leon performed (according to the flyer I saw on Sunset and Western).

  19. “Zhangliqun, if they gave out 50 cent coronas and dollar tacos, they’d have gotten a bigger crowd. Heck for that, even the non Hispanics would show up for the food and beer.”

    Might have to be provided by the government though, since they choose May 1 every year, a Communist holiday. A.N.S.W.E.R and all the other commie front groups march with them every year, and Thursday was no exception.

  20. This was the conversation in one of my Spanish classes today:
    “Señora, por qué no tenemos una fiesta hoy para el Cinco de Mayo?”
    (Señora, why aren’t we having a Cinco de Mayo party today?)
    “Bueno, es porque lo vamos a celebrar exactamente como celebrano los mexicanos.”
    (We’re going to celebrate it just like the Mexicans do.)
    (And coincidentally I have a student in my class who is from Puebla, Mexico and has been here a few years.)
    “Gerardo, dinos, cómo celebran Uds. el cinco de mayo?”
    (Gerardo, tell us how you celebrate the Cinco de Mayo.”)
    “No lo celebramos.”
    (We don’t celebrate it.”)
    “Exacto. No hay fiestas en mi clase tampoco.”
    (Exactly, so no parties in my class, either)
    The silence was deafening!

  21. True. Cinco de Mayo is kind of like the Mexican equivalent of the fortune cookie.

    You can go to every restaurant in China and unless it’s a restaurant that specifically caters to Westerners, you’ll never find a fortune cookie, because it was invented in Los Angeles.

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