Sting’s tree saving charity rated zero

Sting, known as a defender of human rights, ignores the complete lack of rights for the citizens of Cuba, where he enjoys vacationing at their expense. Based on a News Busters article, it seems his hypocrisy extends to his charity, Rainforest Foundation. It is rated as one of the worst charities in New York because only about 41% of its revenues are spent on charitable programs. According to the article this compares with 75% for a well run charity.

A 2006 concert raised $2,156,989, with only $887,374 of the money raised divided among the charity’s programs.
“This one would fall to the bottom of the bucket,” said Sandra Miniutti, a spokeswoman for Charity Navigator.
The watchdog – which rates 5,000 charities nationally based on management and fund-raising-to-giving ratios – has slapped Rainforest Foundation Inc. with a zero rating for each of the last four years.

You have to wonder, what are they doing with the money?
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2 thoughts on “Sting’s tree saving charity rated zero”

  1. It amazes me that this shallow has-been still manages to garner any significant attention or respect. But then again, we live in a very shallow society.

  2. Hey, Sting’s a celebrity, he can do no wrong. We should be ashamed of ourselves for even deigning to question what happens with the money his charity takes in. Shame on us, America! Shame.
    One has to wonder why this hasn’t received wider coverage. Guess it’s easier to cover Mariah’s wedding and whether or not Paris and her new boyfriend will have sex on video.

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