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  1. It’s very important to note that those who died as a result of the concentration camps were CIVILIANS, not declared rebels who had joined the rebel army. In other words, these people were sacrificed because the Spanish wanted to prevent them from POSSIBLY helping out the rebels with provisions or hiding places. It’s a version of current Cuban laws that allow the state to imprison people for “peligrosidad” (potential to break the law) before any actual “crime” has been committed.
    Spain, of course, NEVER took ANY action against Weyler, who remained an important public figure in Spain long after he left Cuba. As far as I know, no official Spanish acknowledgment of culpability for this monstrosity has ever been made, just as no official apology has ever been offered. If I’m mistaken, I expect Dr. de la Cova can correct me.

  2. It bears mentioning that angel castro, (fifo’s and raulita’s father), first came to Cuba (on 30 Sept. 1895) with Valeriano Weyler’s troops. It was angel castro –working directly under Weyler) who was directly responsible for the concentration camps and the systematic annihilation of those within it.
    The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  3. While Lina was Raul’s mother Angel was not Raul’s father. I think de la Cova can comment further but there’s a strong resemblance between Fidel and his older brother Ramon which is not there with Raul. Angel recognized Raul as his son when he move Lina into the big house but it he was not the father.

  4. Henry,
    Be that as it may, angel castro raised him. He exceeded enough bad influence on all of the castro children legitimate or otherwise.

  5. It’s also important to note that, despite what turned out to be Spanish wartime genocide of Cuban CIVILIANS, among MANY other grievances, Cubans were extremely forgiving and generous with the many Spaniards in Cuba after the war, as well as with Spain in general. As we know only too well, Spain did NOT respond in kind, but more like the opposite, after Castro took over. There is absolutely no acceptable excuse or justification for this. NONE.
    Spain was and remains TOTALLY obligated to act AT LEAST as well as the Czechs have, and all it’s done is basically to stab Cuba in the back. This is by no means an isolated “Zapatero problem.” It’s FAR older and deeper than that. Zapatero is only a very brazen manifestation of the disease, but the disease is VERY serious indeed, and it evidently affects Spain as a whole (yes, there are always exceptions, but that doesn’t change the general thrust of things).

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