The “Non-Judgmental” Michael Moore

Last week on “Larry King Live” Michael Moore took the high road. He simply could not bring himself to pronounce judgment on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s tirades. “I’m a white guy,” explained the rotund film-maker. “And I mean, you have to ask yourself, Larry, what’s it like to be black in America? . . . And I do not believe, as a white guy, that I am in any position to judge a black man who has had to live through that.”
Michael Moore’s non-judgmental scruples apply only to celebrity victims of Jim Crow lite. A much different set of scruples apply to victims of Stalinism.
“Florida’s Cubans” writes Moore in his book, “Downsize This,” are responsible for “sleaze and influence-peddling in American politics. In every incident of national torment that has deflated our country for the past three decades — Cuban exiles are always present and involved.”
Such a blanket trashing of an entire ethnic group straddles the very dictionary definition of bigotry. Normally the entire Democratic Party would work itself into a collective froth against the villain who spouted such hate-speech. Normally every media outlet in the land would promptly and boastfully ban this bigot from its airwaves, broadcasting the decision between film clips of fire-hoses in Selma, cross burnings, and torch-light storm troopers at Nuremberg.
But in “Downsize This,” Moore was insulting Cuban-Americans (80 percent Republicans), you see. So all is forgiven. So instead of being pummeled as a bigot by the usual media sniffers and snouters, Moore was feted as the guest of honor at the last Democratic National Convention, squatting his gargantuan gluteus in the very president’s box alongside Jimmy Carter.
Then waddling onto the stage at Boston’s Fleet Center to a whooping, hollering ovation rivaling even the one that deafened Fidel Castro when he addressed Harvard Law School and Washington’s National Press Club in 1959, though it was close.
“These Cuban exiles, for all their chest-thumping and terrorism, are really just a bunch of wimps — that’s right, Wimps!” Moore continues in his book. His smear refers to all Cubans who left Cuba but singles out the Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters for particular scorn. “Ex-Cubans with a yellow stripe down their backs,” he calls them, on top of “crybabies.”
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8 thoughts on “The “Non-Judgmental” Michael Moore”

  1. You see, that’s the thing about left wing bigotry — it doesn’t stink. Or at least they don’t think it does. Look at A.N.S.W.E.R. or any of the pro-Palestine groups or even the groups who don’t like “Christians”. It’s prejudice, just spun differently.
    Hatred is hatred. And sheep are sheep. Folks will believe anything their icon spews forth.
    Michael needs to stop asking questions like “what’s it like to be black in America?” and start answering questions from us about what it’s like to be a hypocrite or what it’s like to bamboozle millions of people and not be called on it.

  2. I’m deeply honored -as a Cuban-American- to be the focus of scorn and hatred by Michael Moore. I would’ve been sick to my stomach if such a despicable, disgusting excuse of a human being said anything nice about me.

  3. Masterful KO.
    I’m linking it my blog. People out there needs to know how Cuban-Americans handle this Sicko bigotry. I’m telling you, that stupid man is in a serious need of a woman, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever…

  4. I don’t think he needs this, that or the other. First, because there’s plenty of women who lose their minds around anyone famous and will throw themselves at such men, no matter how physically repulsive.

    Second and more importantly, I think he has the mentality of a Communist Party hack. He speaks, writes, and films propaganda with not the slightest interest in whether it’s true — the only thing that matters is whether it will “resonate” with the masses in such a way that it will further the goals of Daily Kos, ANSWER, and any other Marxist front group.

  5. Michael Moore is crass and clueless. He’s a great storyteller, but has no mental alignment with actual reality. His blanket prejudicial disparagement of an entire segment of people in this country is just another example of this. His stance that any groups involvement in American politics is sleazy and should be labeled “influence-peddling” shows a complete lack of alignment with what American politics is truly about. Zhangliqun has it right: it’s the mentality of a Commie hack. “Your ideas don’t count, and are evil, because they do not agree with mine.”

  6. “I’m deeply honored -as a Cuban-American- to be the focus of scorn and hatred by Michael Moore. I would’ve been sick to my stomach if such a despicable, disgusting excuse of a human being said anything nice about me.”
    I was thinking the same thing. Ya’ll must be doing something right for him to hate you so much. Wear it as a badge of honor.

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