6 thoughts on “Uh, about that Cuban healthcare miracle”

  1. Sorry! I’m fresh out of empathy lately.
    This unfortunate woman is a chavista and quite possibly a Cuban revolution lover that has now become a victim of that revolution.
    I understand that doctors in Miami have offered to correct the problem free of charge.

  2. I’m not asking for empathy. Just pointing out that you get what you pay for in medicine.

  3. She is a communist, she deserves it. And in regards to doctors in Florida offering to fix it for free, fuck them too.

  4. Dear readytoshoot, I like the way you get right to the point. I think you are my new hero.
    I too have no more patience. 50 years of my/our live(s)has been irreparably stolen from us. I too have no sympathy for the neo-marxist.

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