Global Cuba Solidarity Day


As I mentioned on tonight’s radio show, the Global Cuba Solidarity Day websites are up and running. You can check themout right here in English and here in Spanish.
The Global Cuba Solidarity Day project is a worldwide effort on May 21st to bring attention to the human rights abuses and violations in Cuba. From their website:

How can I take action on Cuba Solidarity Day?
ORGANIZE a peaceful march or vigil in a public place! Use white t-shirts, candles, and posters and pass out information on Cuban political prisoners and on human rights violations in Cuba to members of your local community!
ENCOURAGE at least 10 other friends, colleagues, family members and neighbors to do the same!
MOBILIZE your community leaders – teachers, church ministers, political leaders, human rights organizations, and activists!
REACH OUT to local and international media and let them know why you are taking action!
SHOW your support for Cuba Solidarity Day through Facebook and MySpace!
Let’s demonstrate our support for Cuba’s political prisoners, respect for the Inter-American Democratic Charter, and the right of the Cuban people to choose their own destiny and live freely and peacefully! Join us as we call out in one voice to demand peace, freedom, and democracy on the island!

I hope you all will pass this along to everyone you know and get involved. Send them the petition link for the release of Cuba’s political prisoners as well and have them pass these along to their people.
Ill have graphics and buttons tomorrow for those with blogs and websites that want to participate and promote this important project.
Man is not free to watch impassively the enslavement and dishonor of men, nor their struggles for liberty and honor.
Jose Marti

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  1. I’m in. I’ll put this link on my website and do what I can from up here in NYC.

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