Cigar Mike Discovers America

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And now it’s time for my latest installment of Cigar Mike discovers America. The last few weeks I’ve taken you to my favorite place in the world, the American Southwest. Don’t worry, I have more pics from there which I will post in the next few weeks. But I decided today to take you to one of my other favorite places in the world, the great state of Maine. For our readers who live out in New England, I’m sure you’ve made that 2 hour drive from Boston to Maine along the coastal US-1.
The Maine coast is an amazing place. From Bar Harbor on the north end through Kittery on the South end. If you are a lighthouse buff like I am, there are more along the Maine coast than anywhere in the United States.
On the northern part of the state where Bar Harbor is, lies Acadia National Park. One of the most amazing places to visit especially during peak foilage. It is literally a painter’s palette of fall colors. Somewhere in between the two ends of the state is Portland, Maine. Portland is a must stop for three main objectives: 1) the Portland Head Lighthouse (pictured here); 2) The Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse; and 3) Lobster Rolls at the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth. But if you only had one thing to see in Portland, then the Portland Head Lighthouse is the place to go. This was the first lighthouse commissioned by the newly formed United States of America by his Excellency, President George Washington.
The coastal area rumbles with ferocity of the North Atlantic and one is simply mesmerized watching the waves crash along the rocks. The lighthouse itself has been painted and photographed for hundreds of years by artists and provides a beautiful anchor to the Maine Landscape whether in fall, in the snow of winter, or during the busy summer tourist season.
What’s especially awesome about coastal Maine, is that you can drive the entire state while listening to James Taylor and when the scenery is done, you can sit back anywhere and eat lobster until you drop. You can pretty much plan out your trips to visit the various lighthouses during the best light. Spend a week there and you’ll still miss some of the lights.
So there you have it infidels. I’m now off to the west coast of Florida once again. See you all out in the field while we rediscover America.

6 thoughts on “Cigar Mike Discovers America”

  1. Mike – go visit the Pemaquid lighthouse sometime. I’ve probably been there a hundred times.
    Also, drive up the coast NORTH of Bar Harbor sometime. One October I drove to New Brunswick and drove around. There are hardly any tourists north of Bar Harbor and the coast is still beautiful. And the lobster is often cheaper.
    Boy, do I miss fried clams.

  2. Scott, I’ve been to Pemaquid. I’ve stayed in Camden, Boothbay, and Kennebunk area out there. Seen a lot of lighthouses. Pemaquid was one of my favs as was the Nubble light.
    I miss eating lobster 3 times a day.

  3. I learned to walk in New Harbor, which is near Pemaquid. My folks had a cabin on Damariscotta Lake.

  4. This sure brings back memories of the years I spent living in New England. I once went camping in Acadia National Park. Beautiful, beautiful country.

  5. I lived on Cape Cod for 9 years and that shot reminds me some of Nobska Point. Very similar with lots of big rocks going down hill to the water, although the waves in the Vineyard Sound generally weren’t too big, Nobska being sheltered by the island and all.

    It is a nice place for a picnic lunch.

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