Join us for CubaNostalgia


CubaNostalgia, in its tenth year, the premier Cuban event outside of Cuba, is a journey back in time for those who remember the island’s glamorous times – and for those who never experienced them. There will be live Cuban exhibits, artists and vendors, traditional Cuban foods, and of course music.
We at BabaluBlog are proud to once again be an exhibitor at CubaNostalgia, especially in this anniversary year. There’s lots of reasons to come out and join us:
1. You’ll get a chance to meet us and we’ll get a chance to meet you, in the real world.
2. We’ll be having special guests including authors such as Jaime Suchlicki, Alejandro Lorenzo, David Landau, and Kay Abella
3. Ana Menendez doesn’t want you to.
4. We may be joined by some of our elected officials.
5. It’ll be fun.
Here’s the days and hours of the festival:
Friday, May 16, 2008: 11am – 11pm
Sat, May 17, 2008: 11am – 11pm
Sun, May 18, 2008: 11am – 10pm
We have no problem asking our reader’s to pitch in and help out when someone is in need but we hate to ask for money to put together projects like Cuba Nostalgia. However, there is simply no way we could do it without your generosity. So we humbly put out the hat and ask if you could toss a few bucks in.

7 thoughts on “Join us for CubaNostalgia”

  1. Dont forget that Ninoska will be with us as well, signing books. And that I have a special culinary surpise.

  2. Val,
    Ana Menendez is a self hating Cuban – American (cubana resentida) and she is smart because she knows her anti – Cuban exile attitudes will get her in cozy with the NYT, Miami Herald, always NPR, the MSM and most important – profitable book contracts – making $$$ by trashing her own.

  3. Val do you know what day and time Ninoska will be with us. I have a friend who is a big fan of hers.

  4. Maria Elvira? No way! She’s cool – but I’d only drive from Atlanta for my crush Jaime Bayly – he’s sooo dreamy! Seriously – there’s no way I can make it this year. I didn’t even go to see Brian May in Gainesville, FL last saturday (broke my daughter’s heart – she’s a Queen fan). I drive about 100 miles every day and gas prices… well … you know. I’ll miss you all – enjoy it!

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