4 thoughts on “NPR on Yoani Sanchez”

  1. Wow, someone at NPR had the chutzpa to post this – this is the hardest Cuba piece I have ever read on NPR that has something to say in a negative way about the dictatorship.
    Yoani for Cuban president! Lets start a movement!

  2. I wouldn’t quite put her up for Prez althougy I greatly admire what she is doing. I think it was funny at the end of the article where NPR had a link to their previous article on how Cuba was changing under raul. I wonder if anyone at NPR reads their own site?

  3. “Yoani for Cuban president!” I second that motion. Her point about civil discourse applies not only to Cubans in Cuba, but also to us exiles. Perhaps it will be our generation, after all, that will end the awful caudillo tradition, and everything that accompanies it, that has so dominated our culture and been the main root of our problems.
    Respectfully yours,
    Jorge Luis

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