Alberto de la Cruz is one year old!, that is. The real Alberto is slightly older.
It was a year ago today that my friend Alberto started his blog and entered the blogosphere to inform those “not in the know” about Cuba. His blog has always been a collection of heartfelt, passionately written essays in a style I recognize by reading just one line. His passion for a free Cuba is even more noteworthy when you realize that he is the first of his family to have been born in the US.
I have been privileged to call Alberto my friend for many years, but this past year I consider it to be an honor as I witness how he reaches people through his blog and through Babalu, where he was asked to contribute last fall.
He’s my “go to guy” for anything I need help with and I am very proud of him for jumping into the fray and sharing his talent.
Please help me to congratulate Alberto on this milestone!

4 thoughts on “Alberto de la Cruz is one year old!”

  1. Three Cheers for Alberto!
    Always a pleasure to read incisive and provocative essays by
    a writer who tells the truth about Cuba. May you enjoy many more years of blogging and contributing to Babalu.

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