Petition for the Release of Cuba´s Political Prisoners

I highly recommend you all take a little of your time, go here, and browse through the signatures, and the comments left on the petition. Doing so will bring tears to your eyes as you read through the names and countries of residence. I have to wonder why so many U.S. residents chose to sign anonymously, while those on the island, facing real risk, bravely sign their names. Perhaps their motivation comes from the very real fact displayed by Cubans for the last 50 years–that faced with subjugation and tyranny, there is nothing left to lose save life itself, and signing an internet petition is a piece of cake compared to crossing the shark infested waters of the Florida Strait on a piecemeal raft. Or maybe it´s just taking advantage of this rare opportunity to take visible action. The minute they sign, it becomes in international record of dissent, and no amount of post-signing repression by the regime can remove the signatures from the public record.
You also have to notice and appreciate their bravery. It seems to me that this proves Cuban’s readiness to take action when given the tools to do so.
One commenter heartbreakingly asks, ¨What have we done to the world, for the world to ignore our plight?
End the silence; if you have not yet done so, please sign the petition by clicking here.
There is no litmus test attached to this petition beyond common human decency. If you believe that mankind is born with the inalienable right to be free, and that imprisonment for the exercise of that right is a violation of Human Rights, then please sign the petition.
I got chills reading the list of countries represented by the signers, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, a sampling:
Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Peru, Puerto Rico, Qater, Germany, Poland, Spain, and on and on. Besides the brave Cubans signing, I saw a lone signature from China…imagine.
As Val said:

One million signatures may not force the Cuban government in and of itself to release Cuba’s political prisoners. But, one million signatures may be a giant step in exposing the reality of Cuba’s human rights violations to the world and especially to those who simply have refused to acknowledge said reality.
A number of human rights groups, organizations, and institutions have come together in support of a petition calling for the release of Cuba’s political prisoners. The text of said petition is short, concise and to the point:
The Cuban Government is currently holding more than 220 political prisoners according to Amnesty International, the Cuban Committee for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, and Reporters Without Borders. These prisoners are illegally held in prison according to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which Cuba has signed and recognizes. Despite signing these documents, Cuba continues to suppress freedom of expression by outlawing peaceful advocacy for human rights and democratic reforms. In defiance of the universally-recognized rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly, Cuban activists are systematically targeted for persecution.
I am asking each and every one of you to please sign this petition.
You may not agree with everything we publish here on this blog or may not agree with all the opinions expressed herein, but I know that on this we share common ground. Sign the petition. Grab that URL and paste it onto and email and send it to everyone in your mailbox. Print it out and pass it around. Sign it, send it, and spread it.

Yes, we all know what Human Rights organizations have not done for Cuba. We all know that the number they cite, (220) is absurd–the entire population of Cuba is held captive; some just have better living quarters. This is about forcing public opinion to take notice, and putting pressure on the regime.
Cubans on the island are signing, surely, we can all take a minute of our time to click on the link and follow their example. Do it for them, do it for Cuba. Sign here in English, y en español aquí.

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