Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?

Cuba’s official response to President’s Bush’s videoconference last week with dissidents has just been released. Via the AP:

Cuba: Bush chat with dissidents a ‘show’
59 minutes ago
HAVANA (AP) — Cuba on Monday dismissed a videoconference between President Bush and three key dissidents as a stunt to bolster the U.S. leader’s low approval ratings, claiming there would be no political opposition on the island without funding from Washington.
The Communist Party newspaper Granma called the May 6 conversation between Bush, two Cuban activists and the wife of a noted political prisoner, “a show to bolster the image of a dead man who cannot be resurrected.”
“Time is running out for Bush while Cuba reaffirms its socialist course,” said the article.
The conversation between a sitting U.S. president and Cuban opposition leaders on the island was unprecedented and only possible because the dissidents gathered at the offices of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana to participate.
But it took Cuba’s government six full days to respond formally, saying in the article that “the conversation was a palpable confirmation of the congenital servility of the counterrevolution.”
It called Michael Parmly, head of the interests section, which the U.S. maintains here instead of an embassy, “an imperial sergeant,” and said the dissidents used the call to ask Bush for money.
“Without dollars there is no counterrevolution,” it said.
A day after speaking with dissidents, Bush gave a speech saying new Cuban President Raul Castro has made only “empty gestures at reform.”

There’s a couple of lines there that I would like to address.

Time is running out for Bush while Cuba reaffirms its socialist course.

Of course President Bush’s time is running out, numbskulls. The system of government in the US is called a representative DEMOCRACY and certain electees, especially the President – el lider maximo, el comandante in chief – must abide by term limits. That way, the country grows and changes and progresses along with each new administration and doesnt remain stagnant and stuck in yesteryear and in infinite deterioration because of the whims of one megalomaniacal festering fool.
And of course this little ditty:

Without dollars there is no counterrevolution.

Im absolutlely sure my email inbox must be ablaze with incomings titled “You see!!! Without dollars there is no counter-revolution!” Which will read “Lift the embargo and restrictions right now!!!! The counterrevolution needs the CASH!!!!”
To which I respond: CONSIDER THE SOURCE, folks. Or, as my old man would say “Te cojieron de atras p’alante! Comemierda!”
For the Cuban regime to make such a statement means that it is probably real close, I mean really really really close, to actually dropping to its knees and BEGGING for cash.
I now fully expect to see uniformed Cuban officials on street corners in here in Miami with a handful of newspaper in one hand and a bottle of diluted Windex in the other, begging to wash windshields of stopped cars for spare change.