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We have heard about, and seen them before; films that glorify those daring bearded revolutionaries that came down from the mountains, guns blazing, to depose that reprehensible Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista. Of course, that is not exactly how the events unfolded, in fact, it is not even close. But if Hollywood were to adhere to facts, it would make it next to impossible for them to produce a film about a murderous and sadistic revolutionary who has destroyed an entire nation and millions of families, and still portray him as Christ like.
Hollywood, however, cannot resist a good story, and perhaps this time they may not be able to control themselves. Alina Fernandez, the undead dictator’s illegitimate daughter and outspoken critic, is consulting on a new film about Cuba based on her story, as well as other multiple plots. Whether or not this film becomes another homage to castro and his band of butchers remains to be seen.
Read about the new movie HERE.

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  1. Even though I want to be optimistic, the article says:
    “The producers do not plan to do a biopic or a simple escape story but envision a multiplot story a la “Crash” that will illustrate the Cuban and American perspectives and ideologies along with Fernandez’s story.”
    When they say the Cuban perspective and ideologies, they mean the regime’s perspective and ideologies. Already, they are vacillating. Hollywood never makes movies showing Goebbels’s perspective, or Pinochet or Franco’s perspective, but when it comes to Cuba, they have to show fidel’s perspective. Hasn’t that been shown enough already?
    I hope that Alina is assertive enough and as some sort of clause in her deal with these producers where she retains some sort of editing power, otherwise, this could become a complete fiasco.
    I read Alina’s book and I loved it. She’s a grand lady, so I will try to be optimistic. But in the end, it’s not about her book, but about these Hollywood types. Hope that she has what it takes to grapple with them.

  2. Ray, I feel the same way. But Alina has proven herself to be quite tenacious, so I harbor some hope that the film will not be another puff piece celebrating the “revolution.”
    Then again, it is Hollywood we’re talking about and to this day, they have not met a vicious, murdering, evil, leftist dictator they haven’t liked.

  3. I actually thought this article was going to be about the 2 movies Steve Soderbergh has made about Che Guevara. It will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival this week. I just wanted to point out that the 2 movies will be based on Che’s experience during the Cuban Revolution, and from his 1964 U.N. speech until his death. No mention of anything in between (::AHEM LACABAÑA AHEM::)!

  4. I find it very ironic that the majority of Che and Fidel supporters (or idolizers) are, for the most part, those who have never lived under the rule of either. Those who have experienced their tyranny first-hand are the voices that should be given the greatest attention.

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