People to people contacts

Here’s more video of omnipotent tourists doing their best to bring the castro regime down through people to people contacts. Mojitos are the Molotov Cocktails of the 21st century don’t ya know?

Here’s a nice couple that finally made it outside of their all-inclusive resort bubble to mingle with the “real Cubans” for a little while (real people with funny costumes, that is):

Some Brits take in the sights in a 55 Pontiac “feel rich” with all their Cuban pesos.

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  2. “What do you call that kind of water?” “After the second one you don’t remember anything.” What a bimbo slut.

  3. Damn Canadians! I hope this couple breaks-up and that they never marry! Solterona! She was kind of cute…

  4. Awesome, I hope one day I can go there to enjoy Cuba. I also wish to share this with ALL Cubans on the island and abroad. It is a TOTAL shame that as an AMERICAN (naturalized) born in Cuba. I cannot go to Cuba b/c the U.S governement prevents me from going there. I have risked my life in service to this country and have traveled the world but, no, Cuba, my friends is off limits. They know best, embargo, tremenda mierda, has not worked. Try something better. Think and be open amigos.

  5. Good point, Henry. I’m glad my past and continued service to country has enabled you to appreciate our true freedom of speech.
    This blog is testemant to that earned freedom. Also, their will come a time were people like you will either change their position or be left behind. It is your right, however wrong you mabe but in the meantime, your peobably making a nice buck of this racket you have here.
    Too bad once relations normalize between Cuba and the U.S, your site will be irrelevant as most of Miami AM Cuban radio.
    Change is inevitable.

  6. It’s my right to say whatever the hell I want on this blog and it’s also my right to do the next thing I’m about to do. Can you guess what that is?

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