The prince has spoken

And behold, another edict has been proclaimed by the great, the magnanimous, the benevolent, the munificent, prince raul.

First microwaves go on sale in Cuba
Updated: May 13, 2008 12:51 PM
Cuba’s Communist government has allowed microwave ovens to go on sale to the general public for the first time ever.
Anxious Cubans gathered at an electronics store in Havana to purchase a microwave.
Various models are on sale between $140 and $320.
Microwaves are the latest of a series of measures that new Cuban President Raul Castro has taken to make life easier for ordinary Cubans.

Food, of course, is sold separately—if you can find it and can afford it. And contrary to popular belief, no evidence has been found that cell phones, DVD players, electric bikes, microwave ovens, nor the wondrous and exotic toaster oven, will stop the heinous violations of human rights committed on a daily basis by the prince and his court. Nevertheless, Cubans will now discover the wonders and convenience of boiling water in a microwave.

7 thoughts on “The prince has spoken”

  1. $140 to $320? These prices are beyond ridiculous. We all know that even $10 will be expensive for a regular Cuban living off a regular government salary, but more than $100, come on… How much profit is the government making on every sale 300%?

  2. rg,
    That’s the reason why they won’t need “la tarjeta blanca” the “white card” anymore for Cubans exiting the island. They’re making triple what they could get before. Now they’re making money off of every Cuban, not just the ones leaving.

  3. Unbelievable that this type of crap is still making news! How can newspapers report these non-stories? Goes to show how low the bar has been set when it comes to Cuba and how acquiescent and complicitous the mainstream media is.
    Actually, the real story here is how repressive Cuba is that these items were banned in the first place and WHAT MONUMENTAL CHUTZPHAH Raul-the-munificent has that he’s trying to pawn these off as reforms.

  4. But I thought the castros said there was electricity shortages and that all these modern appliances would further the problem?
    OOPS! Guess they can file that esxcuse for later.

  5. Cubans jokingly refer to the refrigerators as “coconuts” because they only hold water. I wonder what appellative they will be giving to the microwaves.

  6. Some areas still have 8-12 hour blackouts, usually when people are home, so what are they going to plug the MCW to ?

  7. I would really like to read the author of this story describe the “typical” Cuban buying these. I have a feeling it would be a real eye opener to read a first hand account of just who these elite journalists think the recipients of these “reforms” are. Imagine a story about how, lets say a mayor of a small southern town in Mississippi is allowing the local African American community to buy microwaves,and imagine that same mayor not allowing the local African Americans that right. These idiots need to read what they write, and think. Talk about the Ugly American.

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