A Letter for Biscet

We posted a call from Dr. Biscet’s daughter Winnie this week asking for letters of support to be sent to her imprisoned father on Father’s Day. I received this from long time reader and supporter Matthew H. that moved me and turned on the old waterworks:

I was reading your blog this morning, as I do every morning, and I saw the request from Winnie Biscet. Unfortunately, she needs this in Spanish. My Spanish is limited to cervesa, cajones, and a few other choice words, so I was wondering if you could do a little translating for me. I would really appreciate it mostly because I would like Dr. Biscet to know that his support is not only limited to Spanish speaking peoples. (Also, if you want to edit some words to be more appropriate, you have my permission – even other “choice words” for castro.)
Thank you in advance, but if you do not have the time, I will forward it to Winnie with the same request. Or, if you think it is inappropriate, please let me know that also. (respectfully, MH)

Dr. Biscet,
Here I am in Washington DC complaining about an extra 15-minute trip to work, complaining about the person standing in front of me so I cannot rush up the escalator, and complaining that my McDonald’s breakfast has gotten cold. I cannot imagine what you have endured for a country and people that you love. Like you, I love Freedom, the country of Cuba, and the proud people that it has raised. And like you, I am disturbed that it has been destroyed by a villainous thug and his brother.
Dr. Biscet, what you are enduring now is not only for the benefit of Cubans everywhere, but for simple people like me. We go to work every day, oblivious to the cancer that is eating at the jewel just south of our borders. While I am sure you have the support of those forced to leave for the love of their families, it was only for their families that they endure their exile from that beloved land. As a husband and father I understand the torture of being separated from family, as a patriot, I know the pain of watching your home being systematically pillaged, and as a human I fear for the loss of my Freedom. But, I cannot imagine all this thrust upon a few men like yourself who are removed from life only because they seek the freedom that every man should enjoy.
I can do little for your cause but pray. I cannot contribute anything but words. I only hope that you knowing many more people who are not Cuban also support you and keep you in our prayers.
I do see in the near future, though, a free Cuba, a Cuba where families can visit and travel to or from ANY country, a prosperous Cuba, and a Cuba where a celebration of life is daily and out of the dark that is castro.
You are the cornerstone of that future and the foundation of the Nueva Cuba.
Matthew H.
Manassas, VA

I am incredibly pressed for time, so if there’s someone out there that has a few minutes to translate this touching letter, please do so and post it either in the comments here or email it to me or Winnie.

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  1. Yes, it is the fault of fidel and his brother, but it is also the fault of many collaborators. The elite that surround and protect the monsters. There must be justice some day. I mean long long jail time for the willing participants.

  2. Dr. Biscet,
    Aquí estoy en Washington DC, quejándome de un viaje al trabajo de 15 minutos de retraso, quejándome de la persona que está delante mío y no me deja subir rápido la escalera, y quejándome que mi desayuno de McDonald’s se ha enfriado. No puedo imaginarme lo que usted ha soportado para un país y un pueblo que ama. Al igual que usted, amo la Libertad, el país de Cuba y el pueblo orgulloso que ha criado. Como usted, me perturba que haya sido destruido por un matón villano y su hermano.
    Dr. Biscet, lo que usted está soportando no es sólo para el beneficio de los cubanos en todos lados, sino también para personas comunes como yo. Vamos a trabajar todos los días, ignorantes del cáncer que se está devorando la joya que está al Sur de nuestras fronteras. Aunque estoy seguro que usted tiene el apoyo de aquellos que se ven obligados a irse por amor a sus familias, fue sólo por sus familias que toleraron el exilio de su tierra amada. Como esposo y como padre comprendo la tortura que es estar separado de la familia; como patriota, conozco el dolor de ver cómo saquean sistemáticamente el hogar de uno, y como ser humano temo por la pérdida de mi Libertad. Sin embargo, no puedo imaginarme todo eso lanzado sobre unos pocos hombres como usted, a quienes se expulsa de la vida sólo porque buscan la libertad que todo hombre debería poder disfrutar.
    No puedo hacer mucho por su causa excepto rezar. No puedo contribuir nada más que palabras. Sólo espero que usted sepa que hay muchas personas que no son cubanas y que lo apoyan, y que lo incluyen en sus plegarias.
    Veo una Cuba libre en el futuro, una Cuba en el que las familias pueden visitar y viajar desde o hacia CUALQUIER país. Una Cuba próspera, una Cuba donde la celebración de la vida es diaria y fuera de la oscuridad que es castro.
    Usted es la piedra angular de ese futuro y el cimiento de esa Nueva Cuba.
    Matthew H.
    Manassas, VA

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