Coming to your emotional rescue

I shit you not, this is the actual illustration that a Portland Oregon weekly newspaper used to accompany its endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama.
Please click the link above and then on the image to see Obama in all his glory. No, this is not a cult, mind you.

I come to you, so silent in the night
So stealthy, so animal quiet
I’ll be your savior, steadfast and true
I’ll come to your emotional rescue
I’ll come to your emotional rescue
Yeah, you should be mine, mine, whew
Yes, you could be mine
Tonight and every night
I will be your knight in shining armor
Coming to your emotional rescue
You will be mine, you will be mine, all mine
You will be mine, you will be mine, all mine
I will be your knight in shining armour
Riding across the desert with a fine arab charger

-The Rolling Stones

H/T: Nelson Guirado

7 thoughts on “Coming to your emotional rescue”

  1. Read the article? The unicorn says it all. This picture will serve as a useful tool in teaching office workers to set a password on their screen savers.

  2. In the end, America will elect the candidate they deserve. Think about this.
    Obama in the White House = State Dinner with Raul Castro. Watch…

  3. I cant say how the election will turn out, but I know one thing for sure: If Obama loses, not only will we see a whole recount votes until we’re blue in the face ala Gore 2000 – complete with zillions of “disenfranchised voters”, but after the dust settles, if in fact Obama loses fair and square, it’s gonna be “RACISM RACISM RACISM” 24/7, with ad nauseum, ad infinitum attacks on Americans because we didnt elect a black president because we’re all racists, racists, racists.
    The fact that Obama is so far left on his politics that he makes liberals like the Clintons look like Reagans, cant possibly be the reason he wont get elected. /sarcasm
    Mark my words.

  4. All bow to the new Savior of the Democratic Party. Hail Obama.
    Well, wasn’t the last savior John Kerry, the french looking Senator who also served in Vietnam? Or was it the Nobel Prize winner Al Gore who couldn’t even win his own state, but who lost the election because it was stolen by Haliburton? Or was it Walter Monday? Jimmy Carter? George McGovern? Eugene McCarthy?
    Well, Obama is Jimmy Carter in new packaging. He’s even touting some great Carter legislation like the Windfall Profits Tax (which was a flop)
    And Jimmy like Obama never met a dictator they didn’t want to party with.
    So the best the Dems can say is that McCain is Bush III; how weak.

  5. is that a unicorn in the background? this pic has a lot of similarities from the Botticelli painting of the birth of Venus – the flowers, birth from the ocean – they forgot the angels, wait – there’s heavenly light streaming down on him. I think I’m about to lose my lunch….

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