Interpol Confirms Chavez Link to Farc

Here you have it folks. Interpol, confirms the authenticity of the computer files linking El Burro to the FARC, a terrorist organization. From the WSJ:

Interpol yesterday issued its findings on the authenticity of the computer files seized from Colombian terrorists in March, and they won’t make Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez’s day.
“We are absolutely certain that the computer exhibits that our experts examined came from a FARC terrorist camp,” said Robert Noble, head of the international police agency. “No one can ever question whether or not the Colombian government tampered with the seized FARC computers.”
[Hugo Chavez]
Mr. Chávez has denied the link between his government – and himself personally – and the drug-dealing FARC, a Marxist “liberation” group that has terrorized Colombia for decades. He claims that the documents seized earlier this year in a Colombian military raid in Ecuador are forgeries designed to prepare an invasion of Venezuela by the Bush Administration. No doubt he’ll stick to that story. If so, he’ll have to add Interpol – and the Australian and Singaporean forensic experts who examined the files – to the list of conspirators.
Among other things, the documents detail personal meetings between Mr. Chávez and senior FARC leaders and the provision of money and materiel to the “rebels.” Of a $250 million “loan” from Venezuela to FARC, Venezuela’s Interior Minister wrote in one email, “Don’t think of it as a loan, think of it as solidarity.” The documents also describe Venezuela providing FARC with rocket-propelled grenades – and training in the Middle East on how to use them to shoot down Colombian military aircraft.
Interpol’s certification proves that Mr. Chávez is trying to destabilize a U.S. ally. Maybe even Bill Delahunt (D., Mass.) and Mr. Chávez’s other friends in the U.S. Congress will now have second thoughts about doing business with a proven supporter of terrorism in our own hemisphere.

So here it is proven that Chavez is a state sponsor of terrorism. Just like his buddies in Iran. Mr. Obama wants to meet with these clowns unconditionally which will give these clowns more credibility and which is clearly appeasement. Yet Obama and the Dems get bent out of shape about W’s speech yesterday. The truth hurts Barack.

5 thoughts on “Interpol Confirms Chavez Link to Farc”

  1. You are absolutely right, Cigar Mike. I want to see what Nancy Pelsoi and the rest of her Commi-loving crew has to say about this one.

  2. I don’t understand how the American people are so stupid in supporting an appeasing idiot such as Obama. Idiots I tell, a bunch of idiots…Don’t get me started on the amnesty loving Pelosi. This government has become a joke…Change Change Change….I think we need another Terrorist attack to wake up the idiots of this country from the top down.

  3. “Hugo Chavez fancies himself a modern day Simon Bolivar but all he is an everyday thug.” –Nancy Pelosi, Sept. 21, 2006

  4. The sad part is that an alarmingly high percentage of Latin Americans will believe Chavez over INTERPOL. He dishes it out and so many just lap it up.

  5. The absolute best part about all of this is the fact that Chavez (who seems to have learned well from Fifo) simply dismisses the information and actually has the cojones to say he’s going to form “his own interpol.”
    Does this guy actually hear the nonsense coming out of his mouth or does it simply drip out without any control from his brain.
    I find it fascinating that he doesn’t realize how much of a horse’s ass the vast majority of folks on the planet think he is.

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