CubaNostalgia Day 2, closing thought

During the late afternoon I walked over to one of the food kiosks to grab some lunch. I bought my meal and asked a couple who was sitting at one of the few tables if I could join them. After a little while a gentleman came over and asked if we knew where they might be selling beer. I told him that at the Bacardi bar they were selling Hatuey. After he left I started a conversation with my table mates by saying that in Cuba now they have Cristal and Bucanero. They looked at me and said, that stuff is terrible. The woman, who appeared to be in her 40s, said the people who make the stuff steal the ingredients like they do at all places of employment in Cuba.
I got deeper into the conversation with them and asked when they came over. It was 1993 and 1995 respectively. I wanted to get a feel for how they felt about the traditional exile community and asked point blank, “what do you think about the idea that the exile community is divided?”
The woman instantly responded, “I don’t think the exile community is divided, I think there’s a lot communists who have infiltrated it and are paid to say it’s divided.”
PS: I was expecting a visitor to our booth today that never came, or at least he didn’t make his presence known. Too bad.

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  1. Guys,
    There is definitely a conspiracy – a very well thought of conspiracy, and well funded – straight from Havana all the way to America and its Cuban agents. In New York everyone is always lecturing me on how the younger generations are not so anti Castro or don’t care about politics. Just read the New York Times.
    Another one is all these front groups here in the US that say they are Cuban American orgs (Aruca and Levy and the dialoguers come to mind) but in reality are Castro fronts – they are always saying that the Cuban American majority is in favor of opening up relations and ending the embargo. What comes to mind are these few:
    Cuban American Alliance Education Fund
    Cuban American Commission for Family Rights
    Fundación Amistad
    United States-Cuba Sister Cities Association — USCSCA
    Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba — AHTC
    And we have to thank the American MSM for doing Castro’s bidding and perpetuating the myths.
    So yes, the communist infiltration is enormous!

  2. I’m surprised no one on Babalu Blog ever reviewed “Tropicana Nights.” A terrific book about the history of the famed Tropicana nightclub in Havana. Incredible book!!!

  3. Take this to the bank; Cuban Intelligence runs a very active campaign throughout this country, and Miami is the epi-center. They work feverishly to make friends and influence people in order to protect the regime. Dropping the embargo is one of their primary goals, and they know which political movements and organizations are easiest to sway (i.e. Democrats, MSM, academia). The regime secretly rooted for Kerry in 2004, and guanranteed, they are rooting for Obama/Clinton today. It’s scary and sad how easily they manipulate this society.

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