Feeling Nostalgic

As we prepare for day two at Cuba Nostalgia, I want to pause before what I know will be a frenzied day, filled with everything that thousands of Cubans coming together to celebrate being Cuban entails. I want to share what I believe is the essence of what this gathering is about, from one who does not live in Miami.
That is the wonderful feeling of being home, where you are comfortable really letting down your hair, and saying what you think without having explain yourself, because you’re understood. Politics are personal, and what a joy it is being around like-minded people. You meet, you converse, you laugh and cry, and you hug and kiss. No stiff standoffishness here, just one very large Cuban hug.
After just day one day, I have a heart full of memories to savor. Old friends, and new, looking ahead, I’m already feeling nostalgic, I’m already missing you.

5 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic”

  1. Que envidia (pero de la buena) no poder estar con Ustedes this year. I’ll be thinking of all the great moments I had last year. Un fuerte abrazo a todos desde el Norte de Virginia XXOO

  2. Val, Henry, Ziva, Marta, Claudia…. and all!
    It was wonderful meeting all you guys last night at Cuba Nostalgia – the beautiful thing was that although we live in different parts of this great country, and come from different backgrounds, and might sometimes have different opinions, WE – as a group are unique and have one thing in common – our love for that beautiful island whose essence resides within our beings, our souls, our genes, our memories (I know that sounds corny but…) and most importantly, the desire we all have to see that said island free and liberated from the monstrous tyranny of those parasites know as the Castros – and lets not forget – all their pals around the world. The most beautiful things and unique thing is that not all of us are of Cuban ancestry and it warms my heart as a guys whose parent’s fled the island – as it does many – when we see “americanos” or others allies around the world becoming part of our extended Cuban family (I know corny again…but too bad.
    Yes Ziva – the big Cuban hug – I forgot how nice that felt – although it was the first time meeting you all – and it was brief I still feel like being nostalgic and have met long lost family!
    Cuba libre!
    I love you guys!
    Mario (mandingo)

  3. Mario (OJDingo):
    It was fun talking with you! I take that hard core comment as a real compliment. 🙂
    see you in F.R.!

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