Joining words and phrases illegally

Since Yoani Sanchez and her blog, Generación Y, came to the forefront several months ago, many have asked the following question: how is it that, uncharacteristically, the castro regime has allowed her to operate relatively unimpeded? There have been attempts to block her blog on the island but she has made no reference to threats coming her way or other types of coercion the castro regime in Cuba is known for.
Well that’s changing. In her latest post, Yoani tells us that it is, in fact, starting to get hot in the kitchen. Her response, however is not one that the regime is going to like. It’s typical Yoani. Sarcastic and cutting. Errors in translation are mine:

Complaint – Allegation – Confession
I was warned that on the table in an office lies “my case”. A full dossier of evidence of offenses committed, a growing file of illegalities that I have accumulated over the years. The neighbors insinuate that I should disguise myself with sunglasses and disconnect phone whenever I want to talk privately. Little, very little -they clarify- can be done at this point so that they won’t knock on my door one morning very early.
In anticipation of that, I want to point out that I do not keep weapons under the bed. However, I have committed a heinous and systematic crime: I have thought of myself as a free person. Nor do I have a concrete plan to change things, but in me complaints have replaced triumphalism and that’s –definitely- punishable. I could never slap anyone, however I refused to accept the systematic slapping of my “civic self”. The latter is extremely reprehensible. On top of that, and despite not having taken anything from someone else, I have wanted to “steal” -repeatedly- what I thought belonged to me: an island, its dreams, its legacies.
What’s more, don’t be fooled, I’m not entirely innocent. I’ve committed lots of misdeeds: I bought systematically on the black market, I’ve commented in a low voice -and in critical terms- about those that govern us, I have nicknames for politicians and communed with pessimism. To make matters worse, I have committed the abominable offense of believing in a future without “them” and a version of history that is different from what they taught me. I repeated the slogans without conviction, I aired dirty laundry in plain view of all, and –a maximum transgression- I have joined phrases and words together without permission.
I declare -and I accept the punishment that pertains to me- that I was not able to survive and comply with all the applicable laws at the same time.

Yes, the most dangerous thing for the castro regime is that people might join words and phrases together in impermissible ways…
Please click over to Yoani’s blog and check the picture she chose for the post. The words in the picture say “I’m watching you”.
H/T: Ernesto

6 thoughts on “Joining words and phrases illegally”

  1. She is to be admired. In her own way she is bringing light to the darkness. She is an exceptional writer.
    By the way, Henry, do you know that Yoani also opposes the embargo? Wonder why?

  2. BTW Little Gator, do you know that not every post on this blog is about the embargo? Stick to the subject at hand or be banned. Ive had about enough already.

  3. My faux pas Val. You are right. I’ll discuss the embargo in posts where it is the topic of discussion. But, if you look at the last 20 posts or so you will see that many of the posts here are about the embargo (ie. mostly comprised of Henry’s new pet project: “Tourist Bloopers”).
    As far as “having enough,” enough of what? People llevandote la contraria on a particular policy? Are you saying that if you post about an issue you will accept comments only if they toe the official line? If that is what it takes, to comment here, then ban away. I cannot accept that limitation.
    My comments are always respectful, omit profanity (unlike some other people), and do not denigrate the person, only the opinion. If you want to ban opposing views on this one issue, or any other, I guess I’ll just have to be banned.

  4. Henry,
    It’s been pointed out by Val, above, that this thread is not about the embargo. So, I’ll have to explain it to you some other time.
    Have a great time at Nostalgia.

  5. Can I just say it one more time that I love this woman? That I want her to go on to live a long, free life full of book writing and speech-giving all around the world, whenever and where ever she wants.

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