Meet the author: Jaime Suchlicki

We’ve gathered several authors to sign books here at CubaNostalgia. One of them is Jaime Suchlicki. The book he is promoting is Breve Historia de Cuba.
He took some time to discuss the book with me this afternoon but unfortunately my battery died.

As he mentioned, the book is a Spanish translation of his his English work Cuba from Columbus to Castro which was required reading in my High School. Dr. Suchlicki will be here tomorrow as well.

1 thought on “Meet the author: Jaime Suchlicki”

  1. Dr. Suchlicki’s book is the best intro to Cuban history ever written – that is not hyperbole – it is the truth. Even if you are familiar with Cuban history it isn’t a bad book to have around. He’s also a great man and a knowledeable person – you could do a whole lot worse on Sunday than see the good Dr.

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