The world turns its back

My wife dropped by CubaNostalgia yesterday with the twins and my in-laws. My in-laws have a friend who is also named Henry and he came as well along with his wife. I was talking to Henry and at one point he said to me in Spanish “the only thing we have left is nostalgia, it’s so damn sad.”
I wasn’t prepared for that. The whole weekend is about the positive aspect of nostalgia, remembering the good times or learning about them for the first time. He said, “it’s just terrible that the entire world has turned its back on Cuba, I can’t explain how that happened.”
Now I was on the same wavelength as him and I told that I think I know why. I asked him what he saw when he first passed the gate to enter the expo center grounds. The answer was this:
I told him that the fact Cubans arrive in the United States and figuratively kiss the ground in joy pisses a lot of people in this world off. Too many anti-American idiots out there, it’s pervasive in Europe and Latin America. He agreed.
More on the discussion I had with the other Henry later.

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  1. BINGO! I play soccer with a lot of South/Central Americans and they are always “tirandole” at the Americans and the Cubans. But yet…they can’t wait to get their citizenship and enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities this country has to offer.

  2. I WANTED TO BE with you guys last night at CUBA Nos – but my wife and I had a COMPROMISO meaning that we had to attend a visit I was not crazy about going to – It was to my old school friend from NY who lives down here – he is Colombian and married to a Venezuelans who has retarded Chavez leanings – all throughout dinner my wife and I where bombarded with questions like whether we were Republicans or Democrats and did we like Hillary or not. Of course my wife and I are Republicans because we can’t stand Democrats, and because we think that the grand majority of Dems are really closet communists or out right Marxists who love Cuba and all of our enemies!
    So during the “dinner party” (which we purchased all the food for them as a gesture of goodwill and because we know they are short on money) we where also HIT with BS like Bush smells like sulfur (now you know what Latin American genius said that), Bush is killing people for oil, Bush is taking away schools from poor children, even Bush is a drunk and Bush is pro abortion! (I don’t know where they got that one from) – you can imagine – I had to stop the political part of the conversation and change the subject to babies or bad movies – but I knew where it was going – I knew that they were going to start speaking about Chavez. I was sick to my stomach and I could not wait to get out of there like fast! The real insulting thing was that my friend did not say anything to his wife or mom in law to stop their verbal diarrhea – so I wonder how much of a real friend he is! I am still sick to my being as I write this now.
    After we had left the house my wife made a good observation: If they freaking love Venezuela under Chavez so much, if they hate Bush, and the US so much, then what the freaking hell are they doing living here? GO BACK TO CARACAS and enjoy CUBA-ZUELA there!
    My mom went to Colombia last year and to her shock she had very well educated professional upper middle class Colombians lecturing her on how good the medicine and education was in Cuba! These arepa eating Che loving pukes with money and gated community properties had the cojones to tell a 71 year old lady who witnessed all of Castro’s terror about her own country! Now my friends, that takes balls!
    Yes, Henry, and all, I think the world has turned its back on us – I have had to stop being friends with many non Cubans because they refuse to understand us and our situation.
    Henry, can’t wait to hear the rest of your conversation…

  3. Oh to live in Flordia……
    BTW I just read an article in the Herald and it spoke of the “reforms’. I read the most revealing statement when a man said that Cubans are falling for the reforms and he equated it to the battered wife syndrome. He said that what they have been experiencing in Cuba is much the same. They say its much like the wife that has been beaten daily and then one day she isn’t beaten and feels like she has a great husband. Regrettably they have been so beaten that they consider being allowed to buy a home appliance as one less beating.If they feel raul is a good guy for that there is indeed no hope for a free Cuba. Nostalgia may indeed be all that we have left.

  4. I have a similar situation my wife’s Ecuadorian family. One of their brothers, and most of their family are totally ignorant on this country, Cuba, Chavez, Correa, etc.
    My wife and her parents are the exception and have long been set straight on the facts, and have a deep love for this country.
    There is so much incessant disinformation. The brother purchased a small home in Ecuador to live in, all the while denouncing the United States for all his failed attempts at business.
    It would serve him right to have his new home expropriated!
    I have had heated arguments with some of these idiots after they have called this country “the belly of the beast” and yet have lived good lives here, and raised their children here. I will never understand how these people can have such viewpoints.
    I have also heard these same people continuously cry poverty here, saying how bad things are, and all the while driving expensive cars..
    The sad truth is these people need to experience tyranny themselves. In fairness, I also know lots of Venezuelans that recognize just how bad Chavez is.
    That is why Babalublog is SO IMPORTANT and Vital as a source of the truth.
    Has anyone visited the Herald’s discussion boards regarding Cuba? It is a regular bigot-fest that the Herald does not monitor very well, or makes a concerted effort to ignore.
    I am honestly feeling myself as a mix of Cuban and American (because I still believe MOST Americans are good people, and because of what this country really stands for.)
    I DO NOT feel “Latin” any more..

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