Ahem. About that consensus…

We’re told by people like Al Gore, who is not a scientist, that there’s a consensus about the incredibly flexible theory of man-made climate change. Case closed, no further debate necessary. We need to drastically slow the economy down otherwise face extinction.
Well there’s at least 9,000 Ph.D.s that beg to differ to one degree or another.
We need to get educated on this issue and FAST since all three candidates to the presidency subscribe to the incredibly flexible theory and this will be the most important issue of the next 4 years.
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2 thoughts on “Ahem. About that consensus…”

  1. Ay Henry… flexible theories? This looks like a flexible petition. PhDs in what? Philosophy? French Literature? Are these individuals climate experts?
    The consensus among CLIMATOLOGISTS is that global warming is a real phenomenon. The ice caps are melting. Glaciers are disappearing. If you burn fossil fuels on a worldwide scale and release heat and chemicals into the atmosphere, how can it NOT produce a change? Let’s not overreact, but let’s not be reckless either.
    I believe that humankind has stewardship over the earth, as my Catholic faith teaches me. We have to take care of the earth, and not ruin the most beautiful stuff in creation. Let’s not pollute, let’s be cleaner, let’s preserve the beautiful things that Cigar Mike posts about in his “Discovers America” column. Becoming energy independent, energy efficient, and becoming cleaner — these are all good things.
    The debate should be what we DO about it and how we handle it. Market based solutions are always the best, not the big brother government micromanaging our lives. Let’s not ruin our economy. I’m sure we agree there. But come on, we must accept that humankind has polluted, and that’s bad. It doesn’t take a PhD to know that ecologies are very fragile and throwing off their equilibrium isn’t hard.
    The big side benefit is that we become less dependent on oil producing countries, and give less importance to wacko fidel wannabes who believe they are the heir to Simon Bolivar…

  2. There are more than 30,000 people with degrees in SCIENCE that signed the petition. 9,000 are Ph.D.s. Al Gore, the most visible spokesperson for the global warming crowd is NEITHER. He’s a lay person. The point is that those Ph.Ds, though not all experts in the climatology, are all experts in the scientific method and understand the danger of politicians misusing science to champion policies based on half-baked theories to achieve political ends. NOBODY would accept the idea of energy rationing if not for this concocted story.
    The idea of the petition is not to counter the theory but to counter the idea of a consensus. Science doesn’t work by vote or majority rule. It works through testing and observation. The conclusions and recommendations reached by the IPCC (a highly politicized body) are a big stretch.

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