castro smokescreen

The recent allegations by castro, inc. about Cuban dissidents are nothing more than a smokescreen in anticipation of Cuba Solidarity Day and quite possibly will be used as a justification to unleash a new wave of repression, jailing, and unfounded prosecution of the political opposition.

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  1. If Baby doc Castro does that I wonder how the MSM will interpret move? Maybe they will brand him a Law & Order type guy like Rudy in NYC. Cant put anything past these commis!

  2. Guajiro,
    Of course the MSM will brand him a Law and Order type guy. I’m from New York City and this morning as I was going to work, I picked up the Metro News which is a newspaper that is distributed for free in NYC subways. Lo and behold, they ran the story of the dissidents and Cuba’s accusation that the dissidents are funded by the USA and that there is a connexion with Posada Carriles. The horrible thing about the article is that it was a verbatim translation of Cuba’s accusation including the headline which went something like this: USA FUNDS DISSIDENTS IN CUBA. There was no attempt to put anything into perspective, to analyze the story, to give the USA side. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. Obviously, as a Cuban American, I know that this is a lie, a prelude to something ominous like another roundup, etc.. but if you don’t know anything about Cuba [i.e. the average American], you’re going to believe everything that the newspaper says [which is as I said, a verbatim translation of the Cuban government’s accusations].
    What the American Mainstream Media does with Cuba is INFORMATION LAUNDERING. In other words, the Cuban propaganda machinery emits its lies and distortions and the American mainstream media [AP, United Press, New York Times, Washington Post, etc…] repeat it and thereby LAUNDER IT. They give it a patina of legitimacy. It’s outrageous.
    So, in conclusion, don’t expect any type of outrage if the dissidents are rounded up. The MSM is too busy celebrating Raul the beneficent’s “reforms” to worry about some trifle like the arrests of American funded dissidents who have a connexion with that horrible terrorist that makes Osama Bin Laden seem like Mother Teresa by comparison, Posada Carriles.

  3. The MSM and the American public should be outraged!
    Just imagine if Condoleeza Rice and Bill O’Reilly read on national TV the private email of two American citizens. Imagine if they let out that these individuals are also being followed and videotaped by the U.S. government. Imagine if they played on national TV all the telephone conversations of these two individuals. Imagine if the name of family and friends -not living in the U.S.- are given out on the air and accused of committing crimes without having any proof. Believe me, Congress, the MSM and the public at large would be outraged and demand and explanation.
    All that this dog and pony show has demonstrated is that nothing has changed in Cuba. It proves that the Cuban government has people from DGI spying on its people and on U.S. citizens.
    It also proves that they are running scared.

  4. Firefly,
    Everything that you say is true and of course it proves that they are running scared, BUT BELIEVE ME, the MSM is not going to pick up on that angle. Look no further than the accolades they’ve rained on Raul “The Beneficit” for his “reforms.” What Raul did is almost as comparable as if the US government were to go to the poorest ghetto neighbhorhoods across the land and opening up Ross Royce Dealerships to give everyone in those neighhorooods an opportunity to own a Ross Royce.
    Firefly, what has happened is that the MSM is racist to the core and they have set the bar very low for Cubans. They swallow all of that academic garbage they were taught by leftist professors about first world rights vs. third world rights. Also,in their ignorant world view, pre-Castro Cuba was a third-world hellhole worst than Port au Prince, Haiti or Calcutta, India, so anything in comparison [and they believe the mantra about free healthcare and education] is an improvement. Some like the odious Anita Snow are just opportunists who don’t want to be kicked out of Cuba for reporting the truth, and others are simply indifferent and follow the horde of lemmings who have beeb praising Castro for 50 years. Still, others like the late Peter Jennings are Canadians from whom you can’t expect anything good.

  5. Frances Robles, has become as unwitting a Castro stooge, as Mimi Whitfield, although not as much as Ann Marie Bardach. Ironicm how she portrays a fidelity to the Castro regime’s sources that she
    doesn’t grant to American or even local authorities back home. Actually, it’s not that surprising at all.

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