Fighting Castro: A Love Story

Val posted about Kay Abella and her book, Fighting Castro: A Love Story, back in April of last year. To my embarrassment I have yet to read the book. But now that I’ve met the lovely author, her husband and the protagonists of the story, Dr. Lino and Emy Fernandez, I can’t procrastinate any longer.
Kay Abella signing my copy of Fighting Castro: A Love Story.

3 thoughts on “Fighting Castro: A Love Story”

  1. Ooops. I spent a long time talking to her without knowing who she was. Que verguenza me da. But she is a lovely lady.

  2. She was an excellent person to take on such a project to tell the story so this type of injustice will not be forgotten. Listen…HOW ABOUT POSTING THE ADDRESS WHERE WE CAN ORDER/BUY A SIGNED COPY OF THE BOOK.
    I met the good Doctor and he is so down to Earth! We chatted for such a long time. He has a practice in Coral Gable. Not bad for suffering 17 years in a Castro prison. His mind and thoughts are intact….I salute this great Patriota! (hope my spanish is correct)

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