Death By Fidel and Cuban Gold

I urge everyone to read this post by Linda Leinen, the blogger who Val recently posted about.
An excerpt:

There’s no question that life is filled with mystery. From time to time, how things happen, or why, can be impossible to determine. But when Mystery appears on your doorstep, demanding entry, only the foolish or insensitive would refuse to open that door.
Last Friday afternoon, Mystery came to call. Many of you know that I varnish boats for a living. I was down on the docks, working on a boat for a new customer and chatting with him as he went about his own projects. One thing led to another, and I mentioned blogging. Then, I mentioned my interest in the Cuban blogger, Yoani Sanchez, and the experience of finding the blog Babalu. Glancing up, he said, “I know Babalu.” I was startled, intrigued and curious. As if to answer my unspoken question he added, “I was raised in Havana.”

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2 thoughts on “Death By Fidel and <em>Cuban Gold</em>”

  1. “What a sad, beautiful and beautifully written post! Thanks for the link.” Ditto
    There must be something wrong with my monitor as the words got a little blurry towards the end.

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