When the vacation goes awry in Cuba

In this edition of People-to-People Contacts we see what happens when intoxicated tourists fall down in Cuba: they see Cuban doctors of course.
Don’t worry. You don’t even have to put down your drink:

This guy has his stitches removed and in the video description complains about being asked to pay $2 in a “horrible Cuban hospital”. I guess he believed health care in Cuba was actually free. Even at $2 you get what you pay for. Good luck with that scar:

5 thoughts on “When the vacation goes awry in Cuba”

  1. according to their youtube profiles the first guy is Canadian and the second guy is Italian.

  2. The second guy definitely Italian. If you check his other videos you can tell. As for the first guy, my bet is that he IS Canadian. A lot of them do sound American even though there are regional differences.

  3. Henry,
    While I was in Cuba, a rather traumatic incident (just think how sharp barracuda teeth are) occurred to a friend of mine. He received excellent care and doctors in the United States said they would not have handled the case any differently.
    I don’t entirely understand, though, how some hospitals are restrictive. The hospital my friend was treated at attended to tourists and Cubans, but yet contrast this with another Cuban hospital that is in shambles.. I suppose it varies by district?

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