8 thoughts on “White House Remarks on Cuba at 10:25 AM”

  1. While I always welcome any press about the Cuban situation given by any government, in the back of my head, I feel that every administration – be it Democratic or Republican – always turns up the volume on Cuba around election time, often giving her much less attention the rest of the time.
    As someone with an obvious interest in the Cuban situation, and many others where populations are suffering under authoritarian regimes, I don’t want to be viewed as a political pawn.
    Let’s keep the pressure on regimes like those in Cuba and Burma ALL the time – and not just once every four years.
    Granted, attention isn’t only drawn on Cuba once every election cycle but, the volume is certainly amped up and I can’t help but feel a little odd.
    Anyhow – those are just my two cents – take it or leave it.

  2. You said what I was thinking. While I appreciate something rather than nothing it will all fade from the political radar come the first Wednesday in November and Cuba knows that as well.
    SSDEC = Same Stuff Different Election Cycle.

  3. In case you didn’t know it, the President isn’t running for anything. And regardless of what the Miami Herald is telling everyone, none of our three congresspersons is vulnerable. There is always an election going on somewhere. I frankly am tired of the cynical attitude about the president. If what we’re trying to do is get the word out, then what spokesperson can we have with a higher profile than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

  4. That’s exactly what I was thinking, Henry.
    The president really has nothing political to gain by showing solidarity with Cuba at this time. He’s just DOING THE RIGHT THING.

  5. Henry,
    The President indeed has something to gain. The GOP needs the Cuban American vote. I am frankly tired of the every four years migration of “viva Cuba libre” slogan and then see it get put back in the drawer. Is it good that he said what he said? Of course. Anything is better than nothing. Will it make a difference? Not really as it has been done every four years. I guess I am seeking substance this election cycle rather than style.
    I do have that right.

  6. One more thought. What good is sending cell phones to Cuba? I ask this sincerely. I thought remittances were an evil thing as people spent the money on frivolous things which would not bring Cuba any closer to freedom. So why is then sending frivilous items like cell phones now a good thing? I genuinely do not see the purpose.

  7. I’m ambivalent about cell phones. On the one hand they are easily tapped and can be used to track movements but on the other hand they help establish communications between people on the island and also with those off the island. In the provinces, people simply aren’t aware of what’s going on in Havana and vice versa.

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