4 thoughts on “White House Video”

  1. Willy Chirino singing “Ya Viene Llegando” at the White House – brought to you by Kleenex Tissues
    Thanks Henry!

  2. Folks, lets feel all good as much as we can, and get our fill NOW re: GWB mentioning Cuba and championing human rights dissidents on the island! I think it’s great.
    However, if a dem admin gets in we will be seeing less and less of this sadly.
    If BarryO gets in – well, bring out the kleenex because we will be really sad – don’t expect him to mention the underdogs – expect out right relations with the jailers in Havana.
    What can we do now?
    That’s why we must work real hard to help the dissidents on the island because the next administration can make or break them – us.

  3. Holy Cow!
    I haven’t met you Henry, or Val, personally, let along have spent too much time close to either of you, but I can definitively tell you that my make up is all smeared down now.
    Man, this is almost unbeliaveble; how emotional and touched one can get when seing something like this or hearing el himno nacional.
    I think that while I was in school, back in Cuba, I really never paid attention or felt anything of that I just felt when hearing it at the end of the video.
    Mandingo is right, we have to feel good today, right now, because manana, hay que seguir en la batalla.

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