A Crab Story

Before I post about the incredible experiences of the past couple of days, I think the following Cubanish Aesopian tale is appropriate on many, many levels:
El Cangrejero
A foreigner in Cuba watched as a Cuban crab fisherman spent his days crab fishing. Each day, he’d go out on his little rickety row boat, empty his crab bounty on said boat and drop the crab trap into the sea once again. This is exactly how every crab fisherman works in every part of the world, except, the visitor noiticed, that this crab fisherman’s trap had no top.
The visitor was perplexed by this topless crab trap. It was beyond reason that a crab trap without a top could keep the crab harvest inside.
After a few days of watching what to this visitor was the impossible, he decided to investigate this anomaly so he patiently waited one day for the Cuban crab fisherman to return from the sea with his bounty.
“You caught a lot of crabs today,” he said to the Cuban crab fisherman.
“Yes,” the old man replied. “Today was a good day.”
“I’ve been all over the world,” the visitor said. “And I’ve seen crab fishermen do their jobs and reap their bounty in many many countries.” The visitor paused and examined the topless crab trap. “All of these fishermen use pretty much the same kind of trap, very very much like yours, with one exception.”
The old Cuban fishermen just kept working as the visitor spoke.
“And that exception is that every other crab trap Ive ever seen has a top. Yours has no top. I dont understand it. How is it that your trap, your topless trap, works. How do the crabs stay inside?”
“I dont need a top on my crab trap,” the old Cuban crab fisherman explained. “You see, these are Cuban crabs.”
“Cuban crabs?” The visitor was befuddled.
“Yes. Cuban crabs. When one crab tries to climb out, the rest pull him back in.”

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  1. Val –
    Read and understood, a similar story was an old “Soviet” Joke. Same system – same result. Another one was about productivity – “They Pretend to Pay us – And We Pretend to Work.”

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